Cause And Effect Essay On Foster Home

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Millions of families each year are faced with challenging situations in their homes, as a result children are placed in alternative care by the state or in an emergency shelter where parents can voluntarily bring children like to the Children Haven. The care provides a positive atmosphere for the children, while giving parents the opportunity to get back onto their feet. Some of the issues parents encounter
When the home life is a ticking time bomb it can sometimes force the parents to make difficult decisions. What you decide will affect your family; not only does it affect the parents and children but everyone involved in their lives. At some point you have a difficult choice to make as to whether you have to surrender your children to a foster care system or find an appropriate place for them while you get things straightened out. There are group homes that allow you to maintain custody of your children but they do not live with you until your issues are resolved. An example of this would be Children’s Haven where my group volunteered.
An additional point for these children homes is it can do great harm to children having to wait to be
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This is either back into their parent 's home, family members, or an adoptive home. Not just in a foster home that happens relatively quickly. There are laws and orders put into place to make sure kids get out of the foster care limbo faster than they use to. But, they do not always work because, of the birth parents fighting for custody of the kid when there is no way they can care for them. Judges often rule in favor of incompetent parents to grant them custody and retain the children in order to prevent the children from bouncing in and out of the system. The judge has to consider all sides of the situation so that he/she will be able to make objective opinions based on what is best for the

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