The Foster Care System: The Broken System

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The Broken System Suffering and being neglected on a daily basis is not something someone has to ever encounter. The foster care system is failing because of all of the flaws that exist which results in the harm of bringing down innocent children. The state of Florida has been the first state to ever make all foster care privatized. While the foster care system in Florida is able to get many children adopted, many several of them also suffer from permanent health issues because of the broken system. the system is broken.
Within the foster care one of the main flaws that makes it result in a broken system is the physical health issues many children experience. “One study found the rate of ‘substantiated’ cases of sexual abuse in foster care
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“Some foster parents are poorly screened or background checked to ensure they’re safe to be around children. Caseworkers are ill-trained or under-prepared to manage their caseloads. Supervisors are too overwhelmed to manage their subordinates.” (Talenfeld Law). Not taking in mind the criminal background of a newly coming foster parent is even worse than having them in group foster care institutions since the foster parent may have no good intentions towards these kids. The people that manage it all and make a final decision on whether they should or should not be adopted should be more caring and thoughtful since they do not think of the side effects the kids may encounter. “Placements in overcrowded and inadequate foster homes fail to provide for children 's basic needs. Beyond this, some governmental officials have consciously abdicated their obligation to provide remedial protection for foster children even where they have specific knowledge of threatened or actual harm to such children.” (Arcaro 664) Many officials there is harm where they are sending their kids yet they let them be adopted. The officials rarely get into the shoes of the kids and how life would be. When a child has special needs the officials never take in mind if the family will be able to support the …show more content…
The children state how they are adopted but they feel like they are being kidnapped since everything they once knew is brought down against them and they are forced to start over. “The Florida Department of Children and Family’s experiment in privatization of child welfare services has been a failure. Hundreds of children, many known to DCF officials to be at risk, have died at the hands of caregivers while agency supervisors or employees stood by. Many others suffered horrible sexual abuse, physical abuse or emotional trauma.” (Talenfeld) There has been many cases that have stood in front of the court all because the children are suffering in the system. If the statistics are already know and are really high and impacting imagine all the other people who don’t speak up ever and live traumatized the rest of their lives. Many innocent children die all because of the flaws that are within the broken

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