Essay On Foster Care System

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Should the foster care system be reformed

The American Foster System has aided and helped many children who needed it. Foster Care isn’t only a place for children to get out of a bad home life or situation. It is supposed to help them and protect them from all the hurt and pain they experienced. Sometimes, it helps the biological parents get their lives together so that they can properly raise their children. Other times it houses children who have been abandoned. With saying that our foster system has many flaws. If the Government is going to set an age limit on how long a child should get to stay in the foster care system, then they should teach these 18 or 21 year olds how to manage in the real world instead of leaving them to figure it out. It is the foster parents job to make sure these children get the proper
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Recent research has proven that 25% of children in the American Foster System will more than likely endure homelessness, poverty, compromised health, unemployment, and incarceration after they leave the foster system (“All Foster Care Is Not Created Equal”). Though this is true for children who aged out of the foster system in many cases it is true for the children who are currently in foster care. A lot of times foster parents neglect to do the job they are supposed to do to keep these children healthy and educated. About 40-50 percent of these children will not complete high school and about 60 percent will experience homelessness or die in about a year of aging out of the foster system. 80 percent of the prison population once was in foster care, and that girls in foster care are 600 percent more likely than the general population to become pregnant before the age of 21 (Nunn). Statistics show that there is an ominous future for those children that age out of the foster system. For instance once a child ages out of the foster system they basically get put out on the streets or to live in housing system of

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