Shaken Child Abuse

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I. Every once in a while you will hear about it. You might turn on the news one day, and the reporter with a solemn tone will report that another child has died because of the abuse from its parents.
II. In recent years, the subject of whether the US Federal Government should step in control the right of people to have children and raise them has become a topic of discussion.
A. Some believe that the rates of child abuse and maltreatment is out of control as in one year over 600,000 were reported as victims of abuse in one year. (HHS, 2013)
1. Nearly of half victims were taken in to foster care with the possibility of abusive parents gaining back guardianship. (HHS, 2013)
2. In 2012, US Department of Health and Human Services reported that
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Nearly 70% of fatalities from child abuse in 2012 were of children under 3 years old. (HHS, 2013)
C. Having parents who are educated and fit to raise a child would reduce the number of cases of Shaken Baby Syndrome or Abusive head trauma.
1. Children with SBS where born perfectly healthy, but inexperienced parents will shake an infant out of frustration. (NCSBS, 2016)
2. National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome report that there are about 1,300 cases of SBS per year; 25% of which die. (NCSBS, 2016)
Transition: As I have talked about this policy is all aim toward preventing child abuse, but it is extremely radical and as with any policy, it comes with controversy.
III. Finally, putting restrictions on a parent right to bear and raise children is a violation of human rights and there are variables that made cause problems.
A. Restrictions on woman’s right to procreate are an invasion of privacy.
1. Yes, in the case Roe V. Wade the Supreme Court ruled that government putting restrictions on the productive rights of women was a violation of privacy. (Garrow, 2015)
2. Despite that fact, it does not apply when the child is born as they have just as many rights as their parents thus they have the right to be protected from
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Parent would be allow to have as many children as they wish as long if they don’t fail the requirements of the license.
C. Humans are not perfect and this policy becomes problematic in cases of accidental pregnancy.
1. This policy could allow parents of unintentional pregnancies to receive licenses.
2. If the parent fails the requirements and still has the child, they can be placed in foster care, which is still better than the alternative of them living in an abusive home.
3. In the HHS report, they found that a majority of the abuse was received from the child’s biological parents. (HHS 2012)
D. While the evidence shows that this policy is necessary to prevent child abuse from the source of parents, it is still very radical and needs more attention drawn to it to work out all the issues with the policy.
Transition: Now that I have discussed the reason why this policy is needed we can understand that the child abuse should be stopped at the source of abusive parents.
I. In conclusion, the Federal Government should issue licenses and put restrictions on the right for parents to procreate and raising children to reduce and prevent child

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