Three Risk Factors That Negatively Affect A Child

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1. List 3 risk factors that Johnnetta, and her sister Sonya, faced. Why would these negatively impact a child?
• Sexual victimization
• Emotionally unsupportive family environment
• Low self-esteem (physical abuse)
These risk factors would negatively impact a child through the substantial distress the child may be going through and the wide range of psychological indicators that the child may also be experiencing, both short-term and long-term.
2. How did a teacher(s) act as a protective factor in Johnnetta 's life?
• Her professors gave her the encouragement she needed to succeed in school. They gave her what she required, as far as offering her great advice; making her understand that she had the ability to do well. They also guided and
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Why did Sonya not cope? What went wrong for her? Did she have protective factors?
• Sonya did not cope because she never faced what happened to her during childhood. She chose drugs as coping mechanism to suppress all the physical, sexual, and emotional abuse she experienced as a child. Sonya did not have any protective factors.
4. What would you have done for Johnnetta?
• I felt like someone should have noticed that Johnnetta and sister was being abused as a child. If I could have done anything for Johnnetta it would have been to let her know that she deserved to grow up healthy and safe, and that I would protect her. I would have let her known that she had someone who cared enough for her to make sure she would never have to go through any of the abuse she suffered from ever again.
5. List 3 risk factors that Michael faced. Why would these negatively affect a child?
• Physical abuse by
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I would have been his advocate, and just like with Johnnetta, let him know that he deserved to grow up healthy and safe, and that I would protect him.
8. Find 3 statistics about abuse/neglect in Georgia that is from the past 3 years and cite your work (list the website where you found your information).
• There are an estimated 638,000 children who are the confirmed victims of child abuse or neglect each year. 99 children died from abuse and neglect in 2014.
• Every day, 33 children are the victims of confirmed abuse or neglect. 200 incidents of child abuse and neglect are reported daily.
• In 2013, Georgia had 76,578 total referrals for child abuse and neglect. Of those, 55,362 reports were referred for investigation.
9. Did you experience any risk factors as a child? What were they? How did they impact you? Please do not feel pressured - only discuss what you feel comfortable talking

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