Examples Of Peer Reflection Paper

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For the peer reflection project, I interviewed Alexis Dowdell about the time her family adopted her cousin, Rochell. I thought this process was very interesting. Interviewing someone I never spoke to before was new. Even though this was a different experience, I was not nervous or overthinking about the right approach. I felt the right approach to interview Alexis was to be myself. We were both going through the same process, so I knew how it felt being interviewed. I also felt this process was gainful. Since I want to be a psychologist of some sort, this process gave me the opportunity to experience being a psychologist with their client. Luckily, I enjoyed every minute of the interview. Initially, the interviewing process …show more content…
It was unusual sharing my experiences with another person I never spoke to before. Surprisingly, I did not feel uncomfortable. My interviewer was Demetria. We never spoke to each other before and I did not even know she was in the class. At first getting to meet was complicated. Our schedules conflicted so much, so I was happy we had a day set aside to meet. Throughout the interviewing process, I noticed she had good listening skills and kept good eye contact with me. The experience I shared with her was moving out of my mother’s house and becoming independent. I felt comfortable being interviewed about my topic. I did share this experience in class before, so giving an overview of the process of moving and handling responsibilities was simple. I did rehearse what I was going to say, how I was going to say, and when I was going to say it. Since I am a waitress, it is very common that I prepare what I am going to say and speak to people I never saw before. I usually listen to my customers and talk less about myself for a profit. So talking about myself constantly was new for me, especially to someone I barely knew. Fortunately, Demetria was easy to talk to. She even gave me positive feedback and I learned some interesting facts about her. We also related on things like moving out of parent’s house at a young age. Getting feedback on my event was liberating. I loved how she wrote everything. I did not know she felt the way she did about

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