Reflective Essay: Learning How To Cope With Stress

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From having to complete an essay in one night to having to pay all of your debts with insufficient funds, our society and culture are brimming with things that cause stress. Stress is the feeling we have when in harmful situations or when under pressure; stress also can be described as a feeling of mental or emotional strain. Stress leads to a conglomerate of health issues that include: having an upset stomach, chest pain, insomnia,etc. Learning how to properly cope with stress is vital to live a happy, joyful life as it is our responsibility to remain mentally and physically healthy.
I would describe myself as a stressed, nervous wreck as I stress about almost everything. The causes of my stress consist of: grades, relationship issues,
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This causes me to panic, and I start to blame myself for my low score. Since it is exceptionally discouraging to receive a low score on an assignment, it ruins my entire day. I do not perform as well in other classes because of the low grade and I am usually very agitated and angered and that affects my relationships with others. I have a tendency to shut down and detach myself from others specifically when I get low grades because it is challenging for me to feel comfortable around others. Additionally, when I complete an assignment (primarily tests) and I am aware that I could've done better and I did not do as good as expected, this stresses me out for a long period of time because I do not receive my grade until the teacher distributes the assignment(s) back to us. Further, I constantly stress about what others think about me and their opinions of me. I constantly dwell on interactions with others and I tend to pinpoint my faults in interactions. I tend to obsess over my faults, this causes me to ignore my strengths. In turn, I begin to feel bad for myself and this lowers my self-esteem. This is detrimental to my well-being because having low self-confidence can lead to

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