Stress Management Essay

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“Without stress management, all too often your body is always on high alert.” (
There are so many factors that can lead to stress, but they need to be managed well because stress impairs health. Stress is not good for any individual but it is a normal demand of life. It will also not just come and disappear, it is something that one should learn how to manage. Stress is hard to deal with but it is also not impossible. Stress is a constant challenge that many individuals face. When dealing with an uncomfortable response to a negative event, that is constituting stress. Stress refers to two different things: “situations that will trigger physical and emotional reactions, and the reactions themselves.” (Insel 23) The reactions
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Stress comes from an individual’s body and relieving stress should be healthy towards oneself. Demands that are forced upon our body, our natural chemicals and hormones, like cortisol and neuropeptides are released into our bodies, and that is when we feel stressed. The main way to maintain stressed controlled is by relaxing and making time for fun with a positive attitude. The stressors vary depending on the person and their body. One must take action on what will make you satisfied and will reduce the level of stress. To reduce stress, one can get more exercise. Exercising helps reduce the negative effects of stress. While exercising, physical activity will help build up and train your body to prepare the body for any physical emergencies. Tai Chi, meditation, and yoga all are relaxation techniques to relax the mind and body. Managing sleep well and maintaining a healthy diet are was also a part of what a person can do to prevent or reduce stress. “Having a healthy lifestyle will help you manage period of high stress.” ( Getting the adequate amount of sleep is not only good physically but it will also improve mood and decrease levels of stress. If a person does not have enough sleep, they will experience headaches, will feel irritable, unable to concentrate, and is prone to forgetfulness. (Insul 35) Time management is important to decrease procrastination and

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