Narrative Essay On Stress

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Stress is suffered a great deal by everybody throughout their lives, everyone suffers stress on different levels for different situations, in other words some people deal with stress better than others. Those who can’t effectively deal with stress often suffer from burnout after a certain period of time. In this essay I will discuss a personal experience that I had with stress and what I learnt from the experience after looking back on it with the knowledge about IHP and use that to better myself as an emerging IHP.

Stress is an individual 's biological, emotional and psychological response to a demanding or adverse situation or conditions, called stressors (Ross & Deverell, 2005:302). Stress is caused by factors called
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Many people didn’t see me as smart, compared to my sister and matric was the year that I was going to prove them wrong. This, goal that I wanted to achieve, coupled along with trying to decide what I was going to study the following year and actually getting into a degree at the university of my choice was the root of my stress. At the end of grade 11 I didn’t do very well and by June I wasn’t yet accepted into any university. I started to get worried and stressed because some of my classmates were already accepted at the time, the pressure began to mount. My parents tried to keep me calm and support me; telling me to keep the faith and study, God will provide. As trial examinations came closer and closer the anxiety started to take over and I began to fall ill, my doctor said that it was just a mild flu, probably due to stress and that I should not worry about it and a few days later I was as fit as a fiddle. I remember going in to write my final exams the anxiety, the nervousness was a lot. I always felt like I didn 't know the work and I always avoided talking to people because they would ask questions about the exams and I wouldn 't be able to answer the question because even though I studied I am just unable to say the work only write it down and not being able to say the work made me feel as though I don’t know it which made me stress. I could barely sit still throughout all the exams, because in my head I knew that these exams would determine my entire future. I guess that is what drove me to work extra hard it was kind of a motivation, it put me under enough pressure to let me succeed. I learnt a great deal about

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