Importance Of Planning In Organizational Planning

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The Importance of Organizational Planning in Simple, Complicated, and Complex Situations All organizations whether they are large or small or if they private businesses or government organizations, require planning, which is used to achieve goals (Tola, 2015). Organizational planning is thinking in advance what is to be completed, in what time frame, how it should be completed, and lastly by whom the task should be completed by. Organizational planning requires a strong and clear vision, mission, and objectives. When organizational planning is implemented it maximizes productivity and resources are used more wisely on projects or things needed for the organization. When encountering certain situations within a business, organizational planning can provide guidance in simple, complicated, and complex situations.
Organizational Planning in Simple Situations Organizational planning has always
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Situations that deal with finances, technology, and logistics require detail orientated planning (Fairholm, 2009). With these types of situations there is a lot of risk and uncertainty. Trying to manage risk is essential for a business’s success. Unfortunately, businesses cannot control the economic and competitive environment. Complex situations will occur whether they are planned for or not and must be dealt with quickly, before financial consequences from the situations become severe. For example, a business may decide to use credit to purchase the extra inventory needed to meet the rising demands. However, they face the possibility of the extra inventory not being sold as quickly or even at all. That then puts the business in a complex financial situation (Fairholm, 2009). Organizational planning will assist the business in recovering from that expense. There are many other complex situations that businesses will be faced with. It is preparing for them those situations which are crucial to a

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