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Having the assistance of the external advisors to create a scenario will only make that scenario to be reliable to its users. These external advisors may include people like “the customers or clients, suppliers, experts of scenario planning, external scenario consultants and analysts.
External advisors ensure that everyone involved with the organisation is accounted for in the scenario planning process. They also ensure that the goal of the scenario planning process is achieved, that is to consider a range of possible alternative futures and to analyse and manipulate how the organisation will act within the setting of each and any of the different scenarios.
These external advisors will verify that the information received is current, reliable,
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Pick an industry context and discuss the major trends and forces that would drive the future of business in that industry.
In creating scenarios, organizations ought to hunt down pre-determined results, especially startling ones, which are frequently the most effective source of new knowledge revealed in the scenario development process.
I chose to use an organisation in the mobile phones and tablets industry. Extensively speaking, in this industry there are three types of pre-determined results/outcomes, which are: demographic patterns/trends, technological changes and improvement of network speed coverage (4G to 5G and beyond).
• Demographic trends/patterns:
Changes in patterns of population magnitude and structure are among the few profoundly predictable aspects of what lays ahead. If the population size growths companies turn to generation a lot of profits since they can provide for a bigger market share. Unfortunately the opposite is true. This trend has a very powerful effect of the future of the industry, so it is vital to stay updated as to how the demography of the country is
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The inclusion of this trend will increase to ability of predicting better alternative futures.
• Technological trends:
Changes in technology will a very powerful effect on the mobile phone industry. So it is of great importance that the company tries by all means to stay ahead of the peck in terms of technology innovation in this industry. Scenarios can help in identifying future technological trends to provide the organisation with a sustainable competitive advantage.
Experts in telecommunication believe that mobile phones in future will be much more effective and powerful, with a battery life that that is long-lasting and new innovative screen formats (example of such screens are virtual screens which are flexible in nature). Smartphones’ glass screens will be considered relics as soon as electroluminescent polymers prove their

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