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  • The Sacrifice-Personal Narrative

    Not in my case. The sun had just risen as we pulled into the empty parking lot with only the sight of the band members unloading from the yellow school bus. It was a very crisp morning so we waited in the warm car until they let us in. We finally were allowed to walk in and listen to eighth grade band perform their melodies. As we waited for the rides to officially open, Kylie told me it was going to be entertaining and enjoyable. When they finally let us in and I looked upon what would either be ridiculously exciting or terrifying, I knew the day was going to be one interesting ride. It was a sharp Saturday morning in spring and I was anxiously waiting to see her dad’s shiny car pull into my grand driveway. Kylie had invited me to Worlds of Fun. Her mother was sick so they had an extra ticket and I was thrilled to attend. The eighth grade band was performing early that morning so I had to be up by 6:30 but it was totally worth it. My mother and father needed to drive my younger sister, Kaelyn, to her tennis tournament so I had the house to myself. The sun was glistening and the early morning dew made a breathtaking aroma. As I waited, I played with my little furry kitten. He loves to look out the front door so I kept it open and we watched all the squirrels and birds go by. When I saw them pull up I kissed Mason goodbye and headed to my exhilarant day. After the band had concluded their musical numbers, we were granted access to be in the park a little early. Yet we still…

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  • Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic Analysis

    really did live in those period rooms.” (Bechdel 17) These words of Alison Bechdel perfectly describe her family. Bechdel may not be widely recognized, however she did introduce the uniqueness of her book to the world as a tragicomic. As the writer and artist of this tragicomic, she only shows what she wants the readers to see. The work is a black and white representation of her coming to a realization of her own homosexuality and a complex relationship with her father. However, Bechdel offers a…

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  • Alison Bechdel's Fun Home

    To start off, the title of the graphic novel, Fun Home, is portrayed as an environment where people live usually accompanied by sweet memories of growing up, having fun, enjoying every moment of their childhood. However, Bechdel uses the word “fun,” short for “funeral,” to refer to Bechdel’s funeral home business, which is her grandfather’s (Bruce’s father, which is her father’s dads’) family business. In Chapter 3: “That Old Catastrophe,” the image of what seems like a dictionary takes up about…

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  • Innocence In Alison Bechdel's Fun Home

    Alison Bechdel’s graphic memoir Fun Home is a work that founded on conflicts and paradoxes between outward appearance and meaning. Even the title Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic appears incomprehensible. The phrase “Fun Home” all the same for first Family funeral home, that evidently is not something, a number of us would consider being fun. We tend to contemplate the phase “Fun Home” in relevancy the family’s actual house; it is clear that their family life is not notably fun with its upsides of…

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  • Fun Home A Family Tragicomic Analysis

    Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic by Alison Bechdel is an autobiographical graphic memoir that correlates her coming of age with her discovery of her homosexuality. Bechdel is also battling her inner fears that came along with her upraising but is baffled by the unearthing of her father’s own homosexuality. Her artistic decisions are affected by her homosexuality because she chooses to add stereotypical gender roles. Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic develops a proper story line by…

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  • Chernobyl Wilderness Analysis

    As a species that inhabits the world, it had become their responsibility of them to take care of the habitats of the planet. The environment is a beautiful thing that was given to the people of the world, and it is their responsibility to dominate it, use the resources in a reasonable way, and to conserve it. One of the duties of the human race is to rule the Earth in a proper way. The motivation for a religious person to take care of the Earth is that God told us in the book of…

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  • What Is The Most Magical Place In The World

    around. Being in so many libraries throughout the world, I can honestly say that they are some of the most magical places in the world. Windows wind up the walls as well, there was not a torch or lamp anywhere, the light is all natural and completely beautiful coming through the stained glass designs. In the center of the room stands Daichi and Anika along with Shun, looking…

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  • Private And Open In Alison's Tragi-Comic Fun Home

    uncontrollable desires, we lead a life determined by the id until we are assimilated into the surrounding world. Then this world, the environment surrounding a child, defines the code by which that person will live their life by. The concept of private and open is created, and as the world expands outside of the confines of the routines of an adolescent, the person begins to categorize what is assigned to the interior of their house and what is acceptable for external presentation. As a child…

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  • Analysis Of Alice Walker Beauty When The Other Dancer Is The Self

    However, with a discolored scar tissue blemish on her eye, she no longer felt pretty. The world became much darker for Alice. Alice tone took a change. She explained how she struggled in school and simple tasks became difficult for her. Alice’s peers called her mean names and she was constantly bullied. Her reaction was to withdraw from the outside world. At the age of twelve, she would stand in front of the mirror, ranting and raving. She would beg for the scar tissue to disappear, she told…

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  • Censorship In Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451

    The plot line in Fahrenheit 451 is centered around the absence of knowledge and true understanding, that comes with reading books. Society as a whole are not legally permitted to read books, and any book that is found must be burned by the firemen. In the world described in the book, the people are being manipulated into thinking that reading is a horrendous pastime. Their world slowly becomes a center for the censorship of people’s lives, a twisted democracy and the gradual deprivation of…

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