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  • Thesis: Foreign Aid To Sub-Saharan Africa

    Thesis: Foreign aid to Sub- Saharan Africa is/ has been detrimental for its development. Much of Africa has not realized any meaningful development for the last decades in spite of many countries in that region of the global getting substantial foreign aid for their development projects over time. The authors of this article argue that foreign aid to Africa has in fact been detrimental to many countries in their efforts to gain good governance and build strong state institutions. It is undeniable to argue otherwise that poor institutions, lack of accountability and weak rule of law are have contributed to poor development in most countries in Africa. However, other factors such as political instability, civil wars, high debt ratios and the lingering effects of colonialism have negatively impacted the development agenda in sun Saharan…

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  • Creative Writing: Secret Santa

    It was December 18th, seven days until Christmas, and an ordinary day so far in New York City. Amber was on her way to work, shoving her way through the busy streets. Christmas cheer filled the air, lights hung on the rooftops of buildings, stores blasted Christmas songs, and snowflakes danced down from the grey cloudy sky. Amber swung the office door behind her and was greeted by her cheerful employees. The office was decorated with lights and garland hanging around the cubicles, paper…

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  • Family Communication: My Big Fat Greek Wedding

    Family Communication: Paper One Korbyn Limber University of Oklahoma Have you ever seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding or most recently, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2? Well, I have a double dose! Having come from both Lebanese and Greek backgrounds makes my family big, loud, loving, Orthodox (religion that is), and most of all, irreplaceable! My heritage which is founded on my family values and strong faith seem to lend itself to family communication. Family rules, family rituals, and family stories…

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  • Media Influence On Culture Analysis

    I think culture is one of the more important aspects of society, if not the most important. Conley, in chapter three, redefined my views on culture and how regulated it is in everyones lives. Conley also writes about the media’s influence in our everyday world and how inclined we are, as a country, to live up to their expectations. “Culture is the sum of the social categories and concepts we recognize in addition to our beliefs, behaviors (except instinctual ones), and practices” (Conley).…

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  • State Asset Management Case Study

    accounting and information system used, the level of private sector and civil society involved, and asset utilization policies. However, despite the variance in state asset management practices, there some common challenges were identified as well as lack of accountability and governance…

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  • Michael Kors Corporate Governance Essay

    Solomon (2007) defines corporate governance as the practice of supervision and regulation meant to guarantee that the firm’s management actions align with the interests of the stakeholders. There are three core elements of corporate governance, namely transparency, accountability, and participation. According to Weiss and Steiner (2006) transparency entails making all information easily accessible to all stakeholders and relaying the information in a comprehensible manner. Accountability on the…

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  • Best Practice Of IT Governance

    that management must do (Korhonen, 2009). Researchers who study IT governance as a compliance process would introduce COBIT and ITIL as the standards, providing sets of exhaustive conformance for the quality of IT in an organization (Sallé, 2004). While COBIT provides many beneficial aspects such as a direction, as an overall checklist in an extreme audit styles,…

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  • Cata4 Project Management Case Study

    To ensure a tranquil process to deliver a change project, an important aspect to look at is for an organization to align its business and project strategies to prolong its potential to deliver its promise. “The goals must be clearly linked to the organization’s business strategy otherwise; successful change becomes an even larger challenge” [Cheryl Yaeger, 2006]. Although, no change process is hurdle free, a well-structured governance structure is a major fundamental for successful execution of…

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  • Late Work Policy

    Brian Okello 8 June 2015 Views on the No late work accepted policy Introduction Parents send their children to school to not only become excellent academicians but also to gain useful life skills that will benefit in their future lives. Some of the skills they require include punctuality, organization, self-motivation, self-discipline to mention just a few. It is the role of the teachers, in collaboration with the parents, to ensure that this essential skills are handed over to the students.…

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  • Brooklyn Park Case Study

    This is a strategic plan that is geared toward fostering greater integrations which are supposed to usher in authentic discussions between the citizens and the administrators. As said before, this is no simple task to accomplish but in an effort to educate the citizens, public administrators must get people engaged in self- education via participation in the governing process. The city of Brooklyn Park for example uses both traditional and nontraditional strategies such as neighborhood group…

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