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  • Compare And Contrast Indonesia And Australian Economy

    Australian and Indonesia, while similar in many ways, have very considerable differences, particularly in their economies. Both are mixed market economies, but while Australia’s economy is well developed and has a large proportion of government interference helping to make Australia one of the most desirable nations to live in, Indonesia’s economy is less advanced with a lower level of income per capita and a lower standard of living than Australia. Though Australia is four times larger than Indonesia, Indonesia’s population is ten times that of Australia’s. Australia is also a highly industrialised economy because it’s GDP ranked it at 12th the world. Comparatively, Indonesia is ranked 16th by GDP. Economic Growth is a valuation of a country’s…

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  • Similarities Between Indonesia And Australian Economy

    Comparison of the Australian and Indonesian economy Intro: Australian economy. Australia is classified by the World Bank as a developed country because its gross domestic product was US$1015 billion in purchasing power parity terms in 2008. Its per capita income was US$37,250 per annum, ranking it 11th highest in the world in terms of per capita income. The main sectors of the Australian economy include agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining, manufacturing and service. Indonesian economy.…

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  • Indonesia Swot Analysis Essay

    Swot Analysis of Indonesia as a Destination for FDI: Strengths: • Geographically speaking, Indonesia lies in the strategic location through which the world trade transits, i.e. near straits of Malacca that link Indonesian ocean littoral to the South China Sea and the larger Pacific Ocean. If developed, can become a major transit hub in the world. • Country is rich in natural resources like coal, minerals like tin, gold, copper, nickel and bauxite, oil & gas and fertile land to support…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Indonesia

    Population Demographics Indonesia is a series of volcanic islands situated between the Indian and Pacific oceans, with a population of 253 million people it is the largest country in Southeast Asia. Their most prominent religion is Islam, with 87% of its population practicing Muslims they are the most populous Muslim-majority country in the world (Dolven). Indonesia has great strength in international trade because the country has access to main sea lines. This accounts for the wide variety…

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  • Effects Of Urbanization In Southeast Asia

    For example the effects of deforestation or pollution will affect the surrounding countries, and while contributing to global warming eventually the whole world. As a result of rapid urbanization there is usually a higher amounts of traffic, which means pollution levels rise. Southeast Asia currently has terrible pollution and many people have gotten sick from the poor air quality and many have even died from complications as a result. As it stands Southeast Asia is in a position where it is…

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  • Case Study Of Sumatera Forest Fires

    1.1 Case Study Sumatera has one of the largest rain forests in Indonesia as well as in South East Asia. Sumatera Forest basically has peat soil type that caused easier to burn. Estimated between 7.3 to 9.7 hectares are covered by peat lands or roughly a quarter of the entire area of peat lands in the tropics (Hisyam, Damanik, Anwar, 1984). Sumatera Forest Fires are the one of the serious problem in Indonesia. It happened almost every year. However, some of the biggest were happening in 1982,…

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  • India Case Study

    Indonesia is one of the very few nations on earth to span such a broad spectrum of world history and human civilization. Indonesia is made up of 17,000 islands (Indonesia, 2002). The population of nearly 220 million people is derived from 300 ethnic groups who speak over 250 distinct languages. Muslim or Hindu, Buddhist or Christian, Indonesians are free to workshop their own faith, provided they adhere to the Pancasila creed, aimed at preserving harmony (2002). Indonesia has the world’s…

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  • Analysis: The Republic Of Indonesia

    The Republic of Indonesia is a country located in Southeast Asia near the equator. Indonesia is known as the largest archipelagic nation because it has a total of 17,508 islands. Indonesia is also known for the fourth most populous country in the world with a total population of more than 238 million(“Basic Facts”). The GDP of Indonesia in 2015 was $859 billion where United States has $17.95 trillion(CIA). That shows that Indonesia is still a developing country. Indonesia is rich in natural…

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  • My Motivation For Pursuing A Ph.d

    My motivation for pursuing a Ph.D. in Political Science at UC San Diego (UCSD) emanates from my lifelong goal to be a leading scholar in the fields of International Relations and Comparative Politics, teaching and conducting research at a major research university. UCSD’s Department of Political Science’s model of cross-disciplinary work, ethos on close mentoring and supervision, emphasis on methodology and multivariate analysis, wealth of world-class faculty across subfields, combined with the…

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  • The Developmental State Theory: A Recipe For Sustained Economic Growth

    be derived from the literature concerning this topic, Indonesia has had a mixed record within the discourse (Stubbs 2009, p.7; Hayashi 2010, pp.51–55). Vu (2007, pp.44–47) contends that Indonesia can be regarded as a DS due to the state developmental structures. This notion is also supported by a number of other scholars (Gainsborough, 2009:1318; Leftwich, 1995, 2010) albeit with some caveats. Hayashi (2010, p.54) for example, focused on the political transition period from Sukarto to Suharto…

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