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  • Indonesian State Asset Management Case Study

    Good governance and Indonesian state asset management According to Hughes (2012,) Governance is about framing rules and organizations with the intention of providing accountability. Within the context of Indonesian state asset management, good governance principles are defined based on the list of good governance principles as listed by the National Development Agency, which include principles such as transparency, accountability, regulatory compliance, professionalism and competency, efficiency and effectiveness, and partnership between public and private sector (Bappenas, 2007). The implementation of good governance on Indonesian state asset management can be seen from the orderliness of government offices in the reports on state asset that…

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  • AIG Swot Analysis

    AIG is a multinational corporation that offers a wide variety of services to its customers. From property and casualty services to investment funding, AIG’s broad range of services helps them be ahead of its competition in certain areas. These services are offered to individuals and also businesses, which allows them to focus on two different target markets. With tough competition such as Allianz SE and Zurich Insurance Company, AIG has to keep up with its competitors by offering better value to…

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  • Advantages Of Takaful Insurance

    of investments. They are permitted to redeem the remaining value of profits after fulfilling the claim and premiums. Furthermore (Coopers, 2008) states that the main difference between contemporary insurance models and Takaful is that, Takaful participants have the right to receive surplus profits. While the participants in a given Takaful mudarabah have the right to share the surplus profits generated, at the same time they are liable for additional sums if the initial premiums paid during a…

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  • The Importance Of Capital Investment

    Capital investment decisions are essentially made by top level management such as the CEO or president of the company as this is where strategic decisions usually are conducted (Reference for Business, 2016). Therefore, capital investment decisions generally have to be made by the top executive level management individuals that are used to making decisions on investments that have a long term impact on the company’s performance and productivity. Additionally, capital investment decisions are…

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  • Financial Manger: The Roles Of A Financial Manager

    capital structure, working capital management and capital budgeting. A financial Manger has to decide on the type of projects that the company should undertake (Siegel & Shim, 2009). Financial managers help the company make decisions on how the company invests their funds; company has to have a diversity of real assets in order to operate successfully. Most of the company’s assets are tangible, meaning such things as machinery…

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  • Interest Bearing Securities Case Study

    assets allocation and portfolio management of different types of securities. The essay also discuss about the risk attached to foreign issued money market and other relevant consideration to be taken wherever needed. Introduction: Investing in different assets is a risky and challenging task of finance market. It is generally practiced with the concept of how much risk an investor is willing to take. For example, is an investor a high risk averter or low risk averter? It also depends upon…

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  • The Negative Impact Of Globalization On Business

    THE IMPACT OF GLOBALIZATION ON BUSINESS According to Sarah Ganly (2010), “Globalization has also impacted management because it has led to many employees transfers to international locations. This causes the need for more management and forms of communication. This also requires management to consider the needs of employees in other countries and to offer compensation for relocation. Thus, management must consider a much larger market, more competition, and international employees.” With…

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  • Personal Financial Goals

    debt management, I plan to continue making loan and credit card payments on time and paying extra on these bills when possible. As of this moment, there are no major purchases looming, so I do not have a plan to set aside money for these during the next year. When planning for medical costs, my family contributes to a flexible spending account through my husband’s employer. This should be enough to cover any out of pocket medical expenses during the year. When examining the role of risk in a…

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  • Working Capital Management And The Concept Of Working Capital Management

    1-3 Concept of Working capital management Working capital management according to Smith (1987) is significant and affects mutually liquidity and profitability of the business. It includes forecasting and monitoring current assets and current liabilities in a way that reduces the risk of lack of ability to meet due short term debts on the one hand and prevent extreme investment in these assets on the other hand (Eljelly, 2004). Lamberson (1995) said that working capital management has become one…

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  • Goldman Sachs Case Study

    Andrea Folin, B718230 Professor Alistair Milne Module 17ECP201 Coursework report 23rd November 2017 “Explain the role of the Goldman Sachs Group in the financial system. Assess its exposure and performance from 2009-2016, after the global financial crisis, including a comparison with peers. How well did it do?” 1. Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. is a leading global finance firm that provides services in investment banking, investment management and security markets.…

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