Ionization energy

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  • Organic Chemistry

    This semester, I’m in a course entitled Principles of Chemistry I. Currently, I need to learn and store trends of the periodic table. One particularly hard area is electron affinity and ionization energy trends. Electron affinity is how willing an element is to gain an electron, and ionization energy is how willing the element is to lose an electron. Remembering which direction each of those two trends go on the periodic table has been difficult for me. I’m trying to store this information in my long-term memory because it’s information I’ll need in the future. Next semester I am taking Principles of Chemistry II, and the year after I will be in Organic Chemistry. Chemistry is a topic that continually builds on its basic concepts, so this is…

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  • Cation And Anion Research Paper

    cation and anion. Cation is a positively charged ion whereas Anion is a negatively charged ion. First ionisation energy- The first ionisation energy is the energy to remove electrons that are unstable from 1 mole of gaseous atoms to gain 1 mole of gaseous ions with a positively charge (1+) As you go down a group, the energy decreases from the top to the bottom due to the shielding effect. When there are a lot of electrons shielding the outer electron shell from the nucleus, energy is less…

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  • Space Radiation Research Paper

    into deep space to explore unknown feature of the universe, the environment outside the earth is a big uncertainty with factors that we can’t fully understand yet. Besides the cost and the time we spend during long space travel, stay in the cold, vacuum universe would let astronauts experience different kind of radiation. These radiation may be some ionized particles as electromagnetic waves traveling with high speed and energy. They could come from nearby stars or even from those that are…

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  • Quantitative Analysis Of Auger Electron Spectroscopy

    Critical assessment of the article: Quantitative analysis by Auger Electron Spectroscopy 1 Introduction When the outer electron fills the vacancy left by an ionized electron in the inner shell, the released energy can be passed to another outer electron that causes further emitting of an electron with characteristic energy, this is the basic principle of the Auger electron spectroscopy (AES) [1]. Nowadays, AES is almost an indispensable tool in nanoscience research for its high surface…

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  • Enargitite And Arsenic Analysis

    Ciminelli and Osseo-Asare, 1995; Lowson, 1982). Anderson (1951) reported 26 kJ/mol in the study of oxidation kinetics of galena (PbS) while Stenhouse and Armstrong (1952) reported an activation energy of 20 kJ/mol for the alkaline oxidation of pyrite. Koslides and Ciminelli (1992) suggested that during alkaline oxidation of sulphides, there is a change from chemical (activation energy > 40 kJ/mol) to diffusion (activation energy < 40 kJ/mol) control as the rate determining step when…

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  • Photon Detection Efficiency (PDE) Of A Sipm?

    can be optimized to absorb light for a certain desired wavelength(or range of wavelengths) in the depletion layer. Hence depending on the range of the wavelengths set, the incident photon will initiate a Geiger discharge if it only falls within the limits. This is the principle used in fabrication of Near Ultaviolet(NUV) or Visible light (RGB) SiPMs. Probability of Geiger discharge Once the charge carrier generated by the incident photon is injected into the avalanche region, it gains…

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  • Thermal Kinetic Energy Properties Of Matter Essay

    How Does Temperature (thermal kinetic energy) Affect the Phases of Matter? Observation Can matter be in anything that elements can mix to something different? Why does matter have to have more than 2 elements? What things do not have matter? Why does matter have to have more of, weight, volume or density? Why is there such things called matter? Why is the earth made of matter? How much does matter influence the earth and what it does to help? What is matter? How does…

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  • Physics In Action: The Refrigerator Is An Essential Food Storage Activity

    by convention because of the air trapped between the layers prevents heat transfer. It also uses conduction as the materials that make up the insulators are not very good conductors of heat energy. The refrigerator uses a heat pump to remove the heat from the fridge and therefore cool it down. It does this because of the idea of gases expanding and contracting. In a fridge there are pipes which carry HFC, the HFC travels through through pipes and is cold because the HFC has been expanded and is …

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  • The Effects Of Vibration On The Human Body

    vibrations and energy play have been detrimental and essential to the world humans live in since before humans existed: 15 billion years ago. Science has shown the universe was created from a vibration; the big bang theory. A massive explosion caused by rapid movement of rising pressure resulting in the universe we live in to form. Most people do not know how important vibrations are to humans, and to everything we use and need. Sound is created from a vibration, which vibrates around an…

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  • Thermochemistry: Endothermic And Enthalpy

    The term Thermochemistry refers to when heat is evolved or absorbed during a chemical reaction. When calculating the amount of energy, the number will always be expressed as a positive number. A negative sign will indicate whether the energy is evolved or absorbed. If the sign is negative, then the energy is evolved and if the sign is positive, then the energy is absorbed. The amount of heat that is released or absorbed will also be in units of Joules or Kilojoules per mol. There are two other…

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