Cosmic Radiation Essay

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As people decided to sending human into deep space to explore unknown feature of the universe, the environment outside the earth is a big uncertainty with factors that we can’t fully understand yet. Besides the cost and the time we spend during long space travel, stay in the cold, vacuum universe would let astronauts experience different kind of radiation. These radiation may be some ionized particles as electromagnetic waves traveling with high speed and energy. They could come from nearby stars or even from those that are light-years away. Some of them has higher permeability when they are transmitting in the vacuum. Astronauts’ over exposure to the radiation during the long-term space travel can cause unfavorable effects on health and even risk members’ lives. Cosmic radiation could be one of barrier that keep us away from long term space travel. It is dangerous and …show more content…
The radiation dose unit is “gray” (Gy) and “sievert” (Sv) in the international system of units (SI system). Where Gy is a physical quantity and Sv is a biological effect. 1 Gy means the deposit of 1 joule of radiation energy in 1 kg of matter or tissue (J/kg) and 1sievert represents “the equivalent biological effect of the deposit of 1 joule of radiation energy in 1 kilogram of human tissue.” (‘Sievert’, From Wikipedia). When we go to hospital and have a CT scan, the strength would increase to 16.00 mSv. The radiation limit for radiation worker every five year is 100 mSv, which is about 0.1 Sv. And according to the statistics, about 1000 mSv (1 Sv) radiation exposure to a person would cause a fatal cancer, a typical dosage about 6 Sv would cause death in months, a single dose about 10 Sv would cause a fatal death in weeks. This conclude that any exposure with radiation strength greater than 1 Sv would result crucial damage to human body, this assume there’s no

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