Iranian Embassy Siege

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  • Essay On The Brixton Riot

    The Brixton Riot was an act of protest; young african americans including their friends and family in the youth community vs. Metropolitan Police of Brixton which took place on the 11th and 12th of April, 1981. During the mid 70’s the unemployment rate was a upbringing of a crisis, this occasion was particularly with the black youth of Brixton. Therefore the black youth have endless amounts of free time causing them to roam the streets. This was their way of expressing their boredom, this boredom caught the attention of the Metro Police. At this point the black youth is now a new “problem”, only appealing to the police. Instantly, these young blacks believed that they were only being harassed because of the color of their skin. Being harassed by the color of their skin, in their eyes, they would not settle for this they wanted to stand their ground. By 1981 when the “riot” broke out there were some new people around know as the “Swamp 81” operation. This operation group had began to stop these bored young black men, the ones that look just slightly suspicious. The black community thought of the riot as a way to express their accumulated irritations that were caused by the treatment of their race. This riot escalated quickly into a domestic battle between black youths and the Metropolitan Police force. The government of Britain had looked into the riot, yet they had never established the cause as a racial issue. Through these riots the dangers of stereotypical labeling are…

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  • The Milly Dowler Scandal

    An inquiry into the press in Britain had been done six times in less than 70 years before being requested again in 2011 by, then Prime Minister, David Cameron. This particular inquiry, called The Leveson Inquiry due to it being chaired by Lord Justice Leveson, was requested due to a multitude of press related events that caused both public and political upset. One of these particular events was the phone hacking of Milly Dowler. Milly Dowler was a 13-year-old girl who went missing and was then…

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  • Dehumanization In Auschwitz

    to disappear; others chose to devour the rotting maggoty carcasses of horses or other animals that were laying in the streets (Hastings 168; Reid 183; “Siege of”). In a like manner household pets-including Pavlov's dogs-were also not spared as people's dogs and cats were fed to starving residents (Hastings 168; “Siege of”). As a result of the drought of flour, several flour or bread replacements were concocted. Moldy grain was extracted from sunken ships in the Baltic Sea; floor sweepings,…

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  • Abdi And The Golden Ticket Essay

    weeks after Abdi’s winning police start raiding his neighborhood, and begin taking Somalian refugees because of the result of terrorist attacks conducted by Al-Qaeda, which is a Somalian radical group. The music stops altogether whenever Abdi speaks or there is important information to be heard, but whenever bad news is involved eery music starts playing with snare to emphasize fear, such as when the listener became informed that the winner has to wait a year. With music in every part of the…

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  • The Battle Of Vicksburg: Turning Point Of The Civil War

    The Confederate’s fort at Vicksburg, Mississippi, was essential to the South, as it served as a key vantage point for them over the North. However, if the Union besieged this fort, the North would have control over the lower Mississippi River, which would split the South in half, cutting off the western half of the Confederacy from Virginia. With such an extreme advantage being given to the prevailing side, and the other a great defeat, the Battle of Vicksburg marks the true turning point of the…

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  • A Narrative Of A Revolutionary Soldier Summary

    however the surrounding area including the Delaware River was under the control of General Washington and the Continental Army. The British General Howe was desperate to find a way to transport supplies and food to Philadelphia. In order to do this, he opted to attack American forts along the Delaware River. The Continental Army endured some of the fiercest bombardments of the war for the duration of their stay at Fort Mifflin. In addition to attacks by the British, the soldiers endured…

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  • Essay On Benedict Arnold And Joseph Mccarthyism

    The role of a leader is an incredibly vital and often challenging job. With leadership comes the responsibility to set an example for followers, provide direction for the masses, and work with fellow leaders improve current situations. However, with the task of leadership also comes the unfortunate matter involving the misuse of power. Too often in history individuals have used said power to turn against those they were meant to protect. While there is a substantial time gap between the two,…

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  • George Washington's Involvement In The Revolutionary War

    Revolutionary War In 1776, Washington was guarding the city of New York with his army of 28,000 men. General William Howe’s army, composed of several British regiments and upwards of 9,000 German mercenaries, took New York from Washington with ease. George Washington’s army over the long winter months, dwindled to a mere 3,000 volunteers. Because of this lack of troops, Washington resulted to guerilla warfare, avoiding direct combat. At the start of the Revolutionary War, many wealthy merchants…

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  • How Did Yorktown Win The Revolutionary War

    Young Yorktown The battle of Yorktown is a battle like no other. The battle is the battle that finally won the colonists freedom. There are many important things to know about the battle of Yorktown like who were the leaders of both sides who won. The war and what were the outcomes of the war. This piece will tell you all about that and help you learn more about the battle of Yorktown. Proud people (Notice in this picture how George Washington is on his horse and the…

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  • Benedict Arnold: A Traitor In The American Revolution

    A once very successful war hero turns to treason, for nothing else but money. That is Benedict Arnold a man who was an American General in the American Revolution. He lived a lavish lifestyle of a somewhat high ranking General. This was still not enough for Arnold though, but why would he betray the Continental Army like that. To know this you will need to learn more about Benedict Arnold. January 14, 1741, Norwich, CT the day Benedict Arnold was born one of the greatest traitor not only in…

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