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  • What Went Wrong In Iraq Wrong

    When America finally decided to go to war with Sadar forces it was just another cause to never ending violence that was occurring. Violence was still eminent in Iraq when the UN headquarters was blew up killing people inside it (Diamond pg.11). The creation of police forces in Iraq was the forefront of terrorists attack; terrorists took advantage of the fact that the police were poorly equipped and trained poorly, they were killed abruptly. The second problem was a shattered state. Before and after the war Iraq has always been split due to the different racial groups and their beliefs. Fixing the state was difficult due to the United States firm group on being in control of the reconstruction. Hardly allowing the UN to come forth and help out. The United State did not understand how politics worked in Iraq. So how does one rebuild a shattered state if one does not understand it quite fully? Iraq was still traumatized, but yet had a great support still of Suddam Hussein. The mistakes the American government in attempts to fixing Iraq was getting rid of the Iraqi army and allowing any leader who…

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  • Analysis Of Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine

    After Saddam Hussein 's regime was toppled, the denationalization of the oil companies began. This was in opposition to economic development because many Iraqis depended on these jobs that were not being outsourced to companies for a fraction of the cost. An example of this is the story she tells of the man named Mahmud where a fight broke out in the factory he worked in over privatization. Once, the privatization was completed the contractors failed consistently to provide the services they…

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  • War In Iraq Article Analysis

    The War in Iraq is probably the most impactful war for my generation. This is the only war that people around my age can remember because it’s the only major one that has happened. So for someone around my age this is one of the most important subjects of my lifetime. The First Article that I chose takes place in October 26, 2005 and it’s by James Dao is titled “2,000 Dead: As Iraq Tours Stretch On, a Grim Mark”. This article was very impactful is expressing how cruel the war was. I liked that…

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  • AOI Strategy Case Study

    The AOI strategy was based on six essential elements that derived from a proposal meeting with senior Iraqi officials; let the Iraqis lead, help Iraqis protect the population, isolate extremists, create space for political progress, diversify political and economic efforts, and situate the strategy in a regional approach (Mansoor 2013). The rapid deployment of five additional Brigades, in support of surge operations, spanned over a five-month period, from January to May of 2007. The…

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  • Irregular Warfare: The Iraq War

    The holding concept allowed indigenous police or military to police the area. In order for the holding concept to be effective, a cleared neighborhood needed large force to police an area. A large force is necessary against insurgent intimidation and threats. At this point, US forces helped reestablished critical and basics services. Market shops and school were to be opened again. Over time, Iraqis controlled more and more of the projects, returning their society to normalcy. The holding…

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  • Example Of Asymmetric Warfare Analysis

    Manuel 3-24 was put into practice when the US’s commitment to COIN was confirmed in 2007 when US President George W. Bush announced “The New Way Forward”, or the infamous “surge” of troops in Iraq by 30 000 soldiers to protect civilians and occupy new positions in 4GW. Under the objective of providing security for civilians and building democracy and government infrastructure (as studied in Biddle, Friedman and Shapiro), the main goal of COIN was focused on protecting civilian populations and…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Syrian War

    Going back to the Iraq War, After Hussein was captured; the citizen in Iraq ironically did not gain any resources and freedom. In a Huffington Post article by Daniel Raphael, 8 percent of Iraqi children are malnourished, and 70 percent lack clean drinking water. This ironically was worse than 2003 when the Iraq War begin. The Causalities after Hussein was capture also staggering. After 2003, when the Iraq war start to kick in gear, they were estimated over 151,000 to 1 million…

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  • Living In Uncertainty In Suleimani Analysis

    Everyday narratives: Living in uncertainty in Suleimani This chapter focuses on ethnographic vignettes from ordinary people from the city of Suleimani, Kurdistan. I specifically analyse narratives highlighting living under uncertainty, as part of the bigger theme of everyday politicizing narratives addressed in my thesis. The everyday narratives have resulted from intermittent fieldwork conducted in 2015 and 2016, supplemented by previous reflections and encounters from 2011 in the city of…

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  • Story Analysis: Frishta

    zor nabo. Hamu wak yak boyn, There were not so many differences. We were all similar”. In other words, the gaps between the haves and have-nots were not so wide. In the 1990s, almost all people lacked access to similar things, which is no longer the case. The new polarization, and inequality anger people more than the actually lack of things. Today, not having means something different to the different groups and people are live together with very different lifestyles. And for the majority who…

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  • Al-Barharam Case Study

    to talks of ceasefire or other such talks that could be taken for some kind of advantage. By crippling the oil supply of the nation, Boko Haram could effectively hamstring the Nigerian economy, giving Al-Barnawi some sway in negotiating the future of rebel-held territories. Intelligence is critical in the development of strategy, and as the government of Nigeria no doubt seeks to expand its influence in the north, counterintelligence operations against the government will become necessary in…

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