Iraqi Interim Government

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  • War In Iraq Article Analysis

    One of the Major Similarities is how the authors addressed the mental state of the people that was affected by the death of someone. For Example, In Yellow Birds, the Author showed how much the death of Murph impacted Bartle greatly. That was also the case in the first article because it showed plenty examples of how their families were example. Example of that would be and I quote “Patricia Roberts 's son, Specialist Jamaal R. Addison, was part of the invasion of 2003 when his convoy was ambushed by Iraqi forces near Nasiriya. The attack became famous because six soldiers, including Pfc. Jessica D. Lynch, were captured. But nine others from the unit died during and after the ambush, including Specialist Addison, who was 22. After his death, Ms. Roberts, 45, said she lost her job as a customer service representative because she frequently broke down in tears. “As you can see, the death of her son impacted her life so much to point that she lost her job because she couldn’t keep her composure. This just shows that war can heavily affect the people who aren’t even in the war. The major difference between the two articles that I chose and the book is that these articles also address the damage that was done to the people in Iraq. The book more…

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  • What Went Wrong In Iraq Wrong

    After the war that occurred in Iraq and the dictatorship that came along with it by Suddam Hussein, the United States government conducted themselves as the primary source of repairing the damage and rebuilding Iraq. During that time, the United States government was held by the Bush administration. After all the damage was so called “fixed”, the Iraq government was still left in shambles; civilians, American troops, and political leaders were still being murdered. According to Larry Diamond…

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  • Kurdish Nationalism: An Analysis

    Yezidi Kurds in northern Iraq never transcended their religious beliefs or identity in order to partake in Kurdish nationalist movements. Nelida Fuccaro, professor at University of Exeter, in her essay “Ethnicity, State Formation, and Conscription in Postcolonial Iraq” examines the complexities of state attempts to conscript Yezidi Kurds into the Iraqi army in the 1930s. While discussing the tribal identities of Jabal Sinjar, she notes how the relationship between the Yezidi Kurds and Sunni…

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  • Capitalism In Suleiman

    austerity measures. The Kurdish region since its establishment has remained a vulnerable entity protected and modelled by America and its allies. As such, it has existed with the support and guidance of different powers, particularly the United States. The Kurdish ruling bourgeoisie class has learned to transform itself and Kurdish society accordingly— arguing that without their Western mentors they would be incompetent. The question remains to be answered, is Kurdistan today a colony of…

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  • Irregular Warfare: The Iraq War

    The holding concept allowed indigenous police or military to police the area. In order for the holding concept to be effective, a cleared neighborhood needed large force to police an area. A large force is necessary against insurgent intimidation and threats. At this point, US forces helped reestablished critical and basics services. Market shops and school were to be opened again. Over time, Iraqis controlled more and more of the projects, returning their society to normalcy. The holding…

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  • Al-Barharam Case Study

    the most ambitious Nigerian officer think twice about barreling into enemy territory without vastly superior forces; at which point, the insurgents could simply retreat from their camps, allowing their foe to waste their resources on largescale probes into the heavily mined and sabotaged forest. The Nigerian and coalition forces would be forced to adopt a passive defence on the outskirts of the forest, rendered unable to advance due to attritional and morale damages. It is important to note…

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  • Example Of Asymmetric Warfare Analysis

    Field Manuel 3-24 was put into practice when the US’s commitment to COIN was confirmed in 2007 when US President George W. Bush announced “The New Way Forward”, or the infamous “surge” of troops in Iraq by 30 000 soldiers to protect civilians and occupy new positions in 4GW. Under the objective of providing security for civilians and building democracy and government infrastructure (as studied in Biddle, Friedman and Shapiro), the main goal of COIN was focused on protecting civilian populations…

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  • Essay: The Impact Of Islam On Kurdish Identity

    Similarly many academics have theorized about the role to which Islam played in the ethnic and nationalist formations of the Kurds. In his essay “The Impact of Islam on Kurdish Identity in the Middle East,” Hakan Ozoglu argues that Kurdish identity evolved through various, overlapping phases with Islam at the core of its formation process, a process he calls “dialectical, dialogical, and monological” (18). First, while the term “Kurd” was not ethnically associated with the modern term Kurd,…

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  • Analysis Of Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine

    Naomi Klein argues that what happened in Iraq, and is part of a broader trend globally, is in many ways the opposite of economic and human development. Explain what she means, provide examples from Iraq, and argue EITHER in support of her analysis, or against her analysis. The argument presented by Naomi Klein in her work, “The Shock Doctrine” is that the privatization of the government in the form of disaster capitalism, as seen after the Invasion of Iraq, is counter to economic growth and…

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  • AOI Strategy Case Study

    The AOI strategy was based on six essential elements that derived from a proposal meeting with senior Iraqi officials; let the Iraqis lead, help Iraqis protect the population, isolate extremists, create space for political progress, diversify political and economic efforts, and situate the strategy in a regional approach (Mansoor 2013). The rapid deployment of five additional Brigades, in support of surge operations, spanned over a five-month period, from January to May of 2007. The…

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