Iraqi security forces

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  • Summary Of Against Withdrawal

    secure Iraqi state and stable political environment is probably illusory and likely fragile if it indeed exists, and that the premature departure of a stabilizing external force could result in the worst possible outcome for both Iraqi and American national interests – a regression…

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  • What Went Wrong In Iraq Wrong

    Larry Diamond author of “What went wrong in Iraq”, there are multiple reasons that led to Iraq’s poor reconstruction. The problems consisted of security, national insecurity, being able to close the legitimacy gap, and building a government that all different races will accept. Iraq…

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  • AOI Strategy Case Study

    The AOI strategy was based on six essential elements that derived from a proposal meeting with senior Iraqi officials; let the Iraqis lead, help Iraqis protect the population, isolate extremists, create space for political progress, diversify political and economic efforts, and situate the strategy in a regional approach (Mansoor 2013). The rapid deployment of five additional Brigades, in support of surge operations, spanned over a five-month period, from January to May of 2007. The…

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  • Irregular Warfare: The Iraq War

    the enemy’s force. However, how does one engage insurgents who do not openly fight but fight indirectly with suicide bombings and vehicle-borne IEDs. Another principle to understand is the battle space or environment as a measurement of effectiveness. All spaces should assume to be compromised with IEDs or insurgents living amongst the population. US forces measure their effectiveness by how much ground forces cover. In Iraq, US forces were present throughout a province, however insurgent…

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  • Example Of Asymmetric Warfare Analysis

    Field Manuel 3-24 was put into practice when the US’s commitment to COIN was confirmed in 2007 when US President George W. Bush announced “The New Way Forward”, or the infamous “surge” of troops in Iraq by 30 000 soldiers to protect civilians and occupy new positions in 4GW. Under the objective of providing security for civilians and building democracy and government infrastructure (as studied in Biddle, Friedman and Shapiro), the main goal of COIN was focused on protecting civilian populations…

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  • Analysis Of Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine

    After Saddam Hussein 's regime was toppled, the denationalization of the oil companies began. This was in opposition to economic development because many Iraqis depended on these jobs that were not being outsourced to companies for a fraction of the cost. An example of this is the story she tells of the man named Mahmud where a fight broke out in the factory he worked in over privatization. Once, the privatization was completed the contractors failed consistently to provide the services they…

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  • Kurdish Nationalism: An Analysis

    Yezidi Kurds in northern Iraq never transcended their religious beliefs or identity in order to partake in Kurdish nationalist movements. Nelida Fuccaro, professor at University of Exeter, in her essay “Ethnicity, State Formation, and Conscription in Postcolonial Iraq” examines the complexities of state attempts to conscript Yezidi Kurds into the Iraqi army in the 1930s. While discussing the tribal identities of Jabal Sinjar, she notes how the relationship between the Yezidi Kurds and Sunni…

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  • Capitalism In Suleiman

    establishment has remained a vulnerable entity protected and modelled by America and its allies. As such, it has existed with the support and guidance of different powers, particularly the United States. The Kurdish ruling bourgeoisie class has learned to transform itself and Kurdish society accordingly— arguing that without their Western mentors they would be incompetent. The question remains to be answered, is Kurdistan today a colony of America and its allies? This is a question I am unable…

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  • Al-Barharam Case Study

    is presently confined. The forest, already heavily mined, could become the Nigerian army’s Vietnam War; by booby trapping, mining and otherwise sabotaging roads and trails towards insurgent held positions, the guerrillas would cripple and demoralize future inlays into the forest. Creating a defence-in-depth system of trenches in the deeper woods would further discourage the army from marching where they are not welcome. By lightly manning the forward trenches and feigning retreat, encouraged…

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  • Essay: The Impact Of Islam On Kurdish Identity

    Similarly many academics have theorized about the role to which Islam played in the ethnic and nationalist formations of the Kurds. In his essay “The Impact of Islam on Kurdish Identity in the Middle East,” Hakan Ozoglu argues that Kurdish identity evolved through various, overlapping phases with Islam at the core of its formation process, a process he calls “dialectical, dialogical, and monological” (18). First, while the term “Kurd” was not ethnically associated with the modern term Kurd,…

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