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  • Bennet Clark Analysis

    unbalanced force” In this video the athlete is at rest when he is first on the starting block. He is being acted upon by normal force between him and the block. When he bends down to pull with all his strength on the block he is creating a tension force between him and the block. He then gets power and pushes off the block with both feet. He is accelerating into the air and being acted upon by an unbalanced force. He is changing his motion and is no longer in constant motion.…

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  • Newton's Second Law Of Motion

    important. F=m(dv/dt)(Quote) F=ma Force = Mass x Acceleration (Newtons) With the use of this equation he proved that objects that are heavier fall at the same rate towards earth as objects that are lighter because the earth pulls them down with the same force. To put it in perspective a car and a feather would fall at the same universal rate of 9.8m/s^2 even though one is much heavier. Newton also figured out that the moon is held to the earth by the same force that pulls an apple off a tree…

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  • Unit Three: Energy: Kinetic And Potential Energy

    Unit Three: Energy Our universe is made up of matter and energy. Matter is made up of anything that has mass and takes up space where energy allows the ability to do work or have the ability to move or elicit change in matter. In other words, energy is a property of objects which can be transferred to other independent objects or be converted into different forms. It is described as “a system to perform work.” We have two different types of energy; kinetic and potential energy. Kinetic energy is…

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  • Why Do Balls Bounce

    dropped I probably got the wrong height of the balls bounce. Bounce meaning the quality of a substance that is able to rebound. When you throw a ball on the ground it bounces right back up to you because when the ball hits the ground it puts an equal force back on the ball. Balls are made out of a rubbery elastic material, meaning they can…

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  • Rocket Trajectory

    Trajectory and applied force both have very much too do with our rocket lab. Trajectory affects how far the rocket will get beacuse trajectory is a curved path of an object that has been fired or thrown through the air. This affects the rocket beacuse the angle of the rocket that is launched at is part of trajectory and the rocket was launched off of an angled platform so this affetced how high the rocket went before coming down. Another part of trajectory is how gravity affects the objects…

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  • Mousetrap Car Research Paper

    When constructing the car, the goal was to make the car as sturdy as possible in order for the car to travel a great distance in a short amount of time. To do this, we researched various ways to create a mousetrap car. Additionally, we incorporated our own ideas to enhance the construction after trial and error. First, our team gathered all of the necessary materials that we would need to construct the car. These materials included one mousetrap, cardboard pieces, six balloons, four eye hooks,…

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  • Physics Fair Bottle Rocket

    The acceleration of the object will increase as the force of the object increases. In this case the propelling force is thrust. In order to increase thrust, the water must be expelled from the rocket at a fast rate. Secondly as the mass decreases, acceleration will increase due to the inverse proportions and because of the increasing…

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  • Benefit Of Homework Essay

    Homework has several benefits and is important to a child’s success. Specifically, homework can be beneficial to a student’s academic achievements. The use of daily homework assignments can help students better obtain information which has previously been taught. A student who is introduced to an idea during class, then given an assignment, allows them to practice and grasp a better understanding of the concept. The aid provided from homework then opens up more time for further learning in the…

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  • Free Body Diagram

    normal force is _Perpendicular_______ to the weight. The cabinet has a mass of 100kg. It therefore has a normal force of __-100______ N and a friction force (on the horizontal plane) of _2.22N_ μ = 0.30  the ramp and draw a free body diagram of the cabinet in the box here: The force down the plane and normal force are components of __force diagrams__________. Before we add an applied force on the ramp, there is a force of __gravity__________ that acts against the force down the plane(…

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  • The Importance Of Newton's Laws

    The benefits of friction in sports are that it makes it easier to run, stop and turn on any sort of sport field or track (prevents us from slipping or sliding). It also helps us when we are trying to throw and catch objects because the force of friction keep the objects in our hands. Without friction in sports, it would be extremely difficult to compete against others or simply for fun. The benefits of friction in the transportation industry are that it is responsible for slowing down…

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