The Pros And Cons Of The Syrian War

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The Involvement of Iraq is a Lesson the US Need to Learn Since the end of World War II, the US have been intervening on the region and country of the Middle East more than anywhere else in the world. Americans consider the Middle East as a luxurious region to settle due to the high quantity of oil found in that region. Despite the vast amount of economic and political change to many Arab country doing that period, The US created different foreign policy. These different policies have seemed as if these Arab countries were the puppet and the US are there master. As of Today, The US had intervened two different type of war in the Middle East. The first one was trying to stop the Soviets from spreading communism into Arab country. The second being the war on terror and war to overthrow dictatorship government. Yet despite all these involvements, Many Americans starts to raise question about our foreign policy of the Middle East. Critics think that we are too overly involve the different type of war that has happen in the Middle East. Today, The Syrian War is the latest dilemma of yet another political change in the Arab country and a war on terror. Many Americans think the US should not intervene with Syria and sent Military action to deal with the Syrian War. I strongly …show more content…
Going back to the Iraq War, After Hussein was captured; the citizen in Iraq ironically did not gain any resources and freedom. In a Huffington Post article by Daniel Raphael, 8 percent of Iraqi children are malnourished, and 70 percent lack clean drinking water. This ironically was worse than 2003 when the Iraq War begin. The Causalities after Hussein was capture also staggering. After 2003, when the Iraq war start to kick in gear, they were estimated over 151,000 to 1 million

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