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  • Understanding Cultural Diversity

    understanding of an individuals values, beliefs, perspectives, traditions, and overall competency of health literacy of an individual from another culture other than my own. By understanding these differences, I hope to gain knowledge that will embrace and improve my own cultural awareness. This understanding of cultural diversity will help me flourish as a health care provider. To further understand these differentiations, I performed a cultural interview and health literacy assessment on Roya Hajostad on September 18, 2016. She is a 34-year-old Iranian female from Tabriz, Iran. In 2004, she immigrated to the United States after she married her husband. Roya abides and continues to practice…

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  • Funny In Farsi Book Report

    an area would have felt or gone through. Although Dumas ' father thought he wouldn’t have had a very difficult time in America, it has proven to be a challenge because he hasn’t brushed up on his English until now. The family finds their own ways of trying to learn how to speak English at least somewhat fluently, but see that it isn 't easy. Kazem has chosen to read, Nazireh decided to watch television and at this point we really don’t hear much about the brother, Farshid. Firoozeh seems to be…

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  • Iran Corruption

    After some research, it was discovered that 80 percent of Iranians’ daily living needs are fulfilled in some part or another by its public sector public sector. The populations reliance has lead to Iran 's ' public sector 's considerable growth . The vast growth of Iran 's government is considered to be one of the causes of some of the interdepartmental corruption. The corrupt behavior displayed by the employees of this specific section can be attributed to their low pay, which in turn puts…

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  • Personal Narrative: Myself As An Iranian-American

    As an Iranian-American, I have had two very different worlds growing up, both of which have shaped me into the person I am today. One is my home in the Bay Area, the other is my native Iran. I went to Iran for the first time when I was three years old and fell in love with it. I remember the novel feeling of having an uncle who would take me out to get fries late at night, and being surrounded by people who loved and cared about me. In Iran, I felt that I had endless love and support. In the…

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  • Iran Revolution 1979 Analysis

    PART 1: THE IRANIAN REVOLUTION The Iranian Revolution of 1979 consists of a series of events concerning the takeover of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi’s reign. The revolts against Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi began in 1977 by reason of a conservative reaction against Pahlavi’s nonreligious efforts, a liberal reaction against social injustices and a sharp economic shortening. These strikes and demonstrations shocked the country. During that time, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi left Iran for deportation in…

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  • Modernity In Iran Essay

    The notion of ‘modernity’ brings with it connotations of individualism, secularism, rationalism, and democracy. Its emphasis on personal freedoms and the abandonment of tradition make it somewhat incompatible with faith-based societies, which place more value upon community and piety. Certainly this rings true in the case of the Iranian Revolution of 1979. The swift and wide-reaching social and economic changes instituted by Shah Pahlavi were at odds with Iran’s traditional, Islamic culture.…

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  • Shah Pahlavi's Downfall

    Imagine living in Iran in 1970. It was a time of great boom and great bust. There was much wealth to be had from oil production, and at times things were very prosperous. This prosperity was overshadowed though, by the many socio-economic failures of the Shah. His unwise use of power and his greed made Iran a country ripe for revolution. By 1979 the stage was set for Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, who because of cunning historical and political maneuverings was able to use politics, religion, and…

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  • Daughter Of Persia Character Analysis

    The country went through many internal conflicts and could never agree on just one thing. There were extreme Islamics and people who extremely wanted the country to move more in a way of the western civilization. Eventually, Saitti even got forced out of her own country and fled to live with her Daughter, Mitra, in the United States. One day, she showed up to school expecting to teach her class in a modern education when she was warned about students with guns inside. Saitti didn’t listen to…

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  • Ali Shari Ati: Ideologue Of The Iranian Revolution

    social change. The struggle to reconcile its advancement toward secular Westernization with its strong Islamic roots led to great social upheaval. Indeed the “culture of distrust” that marked the Iranian political sphere created a sense of paranoia among the masses on which revolutionaries like Ali Shari’ati acted. But many of the conspiracy theories that prevailed were not without legitimacy; Iranians felt that imperial powers controlled their leaders—which in fact they did. For example, it…

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  • Summary: The 1979 Islamic Revolution

    ideologies in Iran developed, Iranians joined together while fighting for the ultimate removal of the Shah from Iran in 1979, during the Islamic Revolution. Through these factors, Islamic ideals and values would be placed in the highest position within the government, displaying a lack of populist ideals and ways in the new Islamic Republic of Iran. After the first constitutional…

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