Funny In Farsi Book Report

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To summarize this book would be like asking someone their life story and hoping you don’t miss a beat. I read this book twice to be sure I caught every small detail that Firoozeh Dumas went through. Funny in Farsi begins with the author Dumas, a girl who moved to America from Iran with her family, talking about why they moved and what she thought about it. Of course, they didn’t move to just any part of America, they moved to California. The reason behind the family 's move was because the father, Kazem, got hired as a consultant for an American oil company. This, although they thought was going to be a small challenge that they would overcome, was a much larger issue they faces.
Firoozeh Dumas moves on in the book to discuss her elementary school experiences. Her first day, like any other, was difficult. Dumas however, had a bigger challenge. Dumas couldn’t speak English very well and only knew a few words, like colors. Her mother, Nazireh, accompanied her on her first day, even though
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While headed to camp, she realized she didn’t know anyone and was even made fun of because of her nose. She came from a very modest culture, so seeing that the showers didn’t have doors made her very uncomfortable and not wanting to participate in many things. Dumas then goes on in the next chapter to describe the vacations they took and how she longed for beautiful places while her parents wanted something more American, like shops and built-up areas. In this next chapter, we meet Francios, a boy whose family loved to travel. He loved to hear about Firoozeh 's life in Iran and everything she did. The first issue that arose in their relationship was that Francious wanted to travel to Indian and Firoozeh didn’t because it required her to get vaccinated and have a change of mosquitoes and illness. Dumas hated mosquitoes because it reminded her of where she grew

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