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  • Understanding Cultural Diversity

    purpose of this paper is to obtain a better understanding of an individuals values, beliefs, perspectives, traditions, and overall competency of health literacy of an individual from another culture other than my own. By understanding these differences, I hope to gain knowledge that will embrace and improve my own cultural awareness. This understanding of cultural diversity will help me flourish as a health care provider. To further understand these differentiations, I performed a cultural interview and health literacy assessment on Roya Hajostad on September 18, 2016. She is a 34-year-old Iranian female from Tabriz, Iran. In 2004, she immigrated to the United States after she married her husband. Roya abides and continues to practice…

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  • Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis Analytical Essay

    Satrapi uses her own form of artistry and drawing to establish tone through literal imagery. Her artistic style is represented specifically in the splash panels, where she is able to incorporate Iranian culture into her writing. When the Shah of Iran resignes, the collage of Iranian people elated with the news shows men and women all with elaborately patterned shirts and gowns, all holding up peace signs. (42/1) Although you can write a description of what Satrapi is trying to represent in…

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  • Summary: The 1979 Islamic Revolution

    Revolution in Iran stemmed from several factors, all trying to contribute towards an improved country. Factors that led to the revolution included economic, religious, and Western factors, that would eventually lead to a great historical revolution in Iran. These factors created great opposition parties towards the king of Iran, known as the Shah. As the ideologies in Iran developed, Iranians joined together while fighting for the ultimate removal of the Shah from Iran in 1979, during the…

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  • Shah Pahlavi's Downfall

    Imagine living in Iran in 1970. It was a time of great boom and great bust. There was much wealth to be had from oil production, and at times things were very prosperous. This prosperity was overshadowed though, by the many socio-economic failures of the Shah. His unwise use of power and his greed made Iran a country ripe for revolution. By 1979 the stage was set for Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, who because of cunning historical and political maneuverings was able to use politics, religion, and…

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  • OSINT Targeting Essay

    attempt to cause damage to the United States. Three of the most formidable nations posing a threat to the United States today are China, Russia and Iran. Each of these countries and their government has their own purpose and motivation to collect intelligence on the United States, ranging from the desire to steal technology from corporations and the government to the desire to destroy the entire United States infrastructure. Of these three nations, each one poses their own distinct threat to…

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  • Essay On Iran Culture

    Culture is influenced by many different factors. Iran is no exception. Iran 's culture is affected by history, past conflicts, and religion. Iran, known as Persia until 1935, has a long and rich history (Iran in perspective, 2008). Early rulers of Iran were known as shahs who determined rules and policies. During the Qajar Dynasty, Shahs were seen as shadows of god and guardians of the flock. They exercised extensive authority over life, honor, and property. The Shah was the sole possessor of…

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  • Iran Nuclear Framework Case Study

    Iran nuclear framework deal How did Iran come to be? Iran is known officially as The Islamic republic of Iran. Is one of the world’s oldest civilisation dated between 3800 to 3200 BC. Home to 78 million people Iran has the second largest population in Middle East after Egypt. Comprised of multiple ethnic and religious groups and has Farsi as its official language. As of 2015 Iran is under a distinctive political system feeding back to 1979 constitution which blends religion and democracy with a…

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  • Muffar Al-Din Shah Influence

    the death of his father and the nearing end of the Tobacco Revolt. Muzzaffar al Din Shah was a leader who ignored the plea of his people whom only wanted an improved Iran society. Only upsetting his people, even more, the Shah, later on, gave rights to a London-based financier, William Knox D’arcy, “special and exclusive” privilege to exploit and sell natural gas for sixty years since 1901. (pg 33). After signing the exclusive agreement, D’arcy worked with a petroleum engineer named George…

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  • Ottoman Empire Constitutionalism

    During the late nineteenth century and the early twentieth century, two diverse constitutional revolutions occurred in the Middle East. Constitutionalism refers to parliamentary representation, constitutional government reform, and a method to challenge the absolute power of the monarch. This also includes the separation of powers or check and balances. The insurgency in the Ottoman Empire and Qajar Iran possessed various similarities and differences. Despite their questionable success, two…

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  • The Iran-Iraq War

    Lasing from the September 1980 to August 1988, the Iran-Iraq war was not only the longest conventional war of the 20th Century; it was also the most destructive 20th Century conflict since WWII. The conflict produced over one million refugees and casualties and costed the combatant countries as much as one billion dollars per month, and the total costs have been estimated in excess of three hundred billion dollars. The end state of the conflict was catastrophic for not only the combatants but…

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