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  • Personal Narrative: Jasper, Indiana

    about eighteen years ago when my parents, Katie and Karl Margarida, brought me home to welcome me to a new household and new environment in a small town called Jasper, Indiana. Many things happened on November 17, 1997, including my birthday, 70 people died in an attack at the Egyptian Temple, and women and African Americans were freed in Iran. My parent’s names are Katie and Karl Margarida. My mom was 28 years old when she had me and my dad was 30 years old. I have one older sister named…

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  • Reza Pahlavi's Influence On Iranian Society

    father’s footsteps. The first several years in power were very turbulent and unstable. He was rejected and removed from his Monarch position for a temporary period of time in 1953. He resumed power with the help of a US CIA and British backed coup. Many Iranians were not happy with the outside involvement by the United States and the hypocrisy of self-determination and democracy. Anti-western resentment was building. During this brief time, Iran was in a state of uproar and disorder. Mohammad…

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  • Ali Shariati Rhetorical Analysis

    Since the catastrophic events of September 11, 2001 the United States and indeed most of the western world has had something of parlous relationship with Islam. The imminent threat of Islamic extremism has placed the West on egg shells. The recent rise of Donald Trump and his nativist rhetoric has only added to the tension. A recent Brookings Institute poll revealed that 61 percent of Americans hold an unfavorable attitude towards Muslims. Ali Shariati, maintains that there are two types of…

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  • Argo: Movie Analysis

    Set in the late 1970’s, award-winning film Argo, is based on the real story of the Iran hostage crisis. The film begins after the US government takes in the Shah, with Iranians attacking the US embassy in Iran, resulting in the capture of sixty American embassy staff (Argo). Argo exclusively shares Tony Mendez’s effort to exfiltrate the six American embassy staff that manage to sneak away, from Iran (Argo). This is accomplished as Mendez and the six Americans pose as Canadian filmmakers, while…

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  • Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis Analytical Essay

    the splash panels, where she is able to incorporate Iranian culture into her writing. When the Shah of Iran resignes, the collage of Iranian people elated with the news shows men and women all with elaborately patterned shirts and gowns, all holding up peace signs. (42/1) Although you can write a description of what Satrapi is trying to represent in panel, happiness and freedom, the drawing shows the true elation of Marjane and the Iranian people around…

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  • Destiny Disrupted Tamim Ansary: A Comparative Analysis

    that wasn't told in school. What he meant by this is that ever since 9/11 history books have frayed away from the history of Middle East. He found that the people who write the history books found it best to resist the topic as a whole to avoid conflict. In Persepolis, Marji the main character tell her story from the perspective of a Iranian female living in a upper/middle class family; she is also against communism and fundamentalism. Marji had very strong opinions on the revolution. She…

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  • Expects Of Disobedience In Persepolis, By Marjane Satrapi

    Persepolis is a book by Marjane Satrapi written about her own life as a young Iranian woman around and during the Islamic Revolution. Throughout this time period, women were forced to wear oppressive veils and very covering clothing to shield their bodies from the delicate men’s eyes. For a woman to wear shorts in that time period was almost the equivalent of someone walking around naked today. They would be beaten, arrested, and even killed for rebelling against Islam. However, women with…

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  • 1960-1989 Political Policy Analysis

    this time period military and foreign policy in the United States were viewed as weak. The Carter administration humiliated America and conservatives wanted to change that. During Carters presidency the Iran hostage crisis took place, this was where Iranians took hostages from the U.S Embassy. Carter attempted to negotiate with Iran for the release of the hostages and it took almost all of his presidency to have them released. After…

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  • Laughing Without Accent Essay

    Laughing without an accent is a story about how Firoozeh Dumas grew up in America growing up Iranian. During her life she had some struggles because of the prejudices that Americans treated her with during different times of her life because of what was going on between Iran and the United States like the hostage crisis. The author Firoozeh Dumas wrote the story about herself where she is the main character in her book. Firoozeh Dumas wrote her story from when she was a little girl living in…

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  • Economic Sanctions In Iran

    Islamic regime, they inadvertently helped the Iranian government consolidate its power among the people, deflecting blame and its own flaws on Western powers. The impact of nearly thirty-five years of aggressively enforced sanctions on ordinary Iranian citizens has been devastating. The downfall of Iran’s economy and industry have resulted in severe inflation and massive unemployment, thereby creating harsh living and working conditions for ordinary Iranians. The number of families living in…

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