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  • Rupert Murdoch: The Bad Apple Case Study

    Rupert Murdoch: The Bad Apple Organization has a social responsibility to enhance the community in which it operates. The products created by these company can only maintain its competitive advantage if the consumers demand it. Under Rupert Murdoch leadership, key players used unethical behavior in day-to-day business decisions as a result of flowed organizational culture that failed to uphold social responsibility. Different key players who had the power to make decisions that adversely impact innocent people made unethical decisions to further the unspoken mission of greed in order to increase the revenue of Murdoch’s company and their pockets. I believe that the phone hacking was not an action of rogue journalism but instead; a much more systemic action committed by Murdoch and his…

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  • The Milly Dowler Scandal

    looked at recent UK governments and considered the relationship between the press and the media during those times including Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, especially where her relationship with Rupert Murdoch is concerned. In fact, Murdoch, a media mogul who controls a large portion of the media sources in both the UK and the USA including the infamous and now out-of-print News of the World newspaper, was accused by former prime minister John Major of trying to force the government, through…

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  • Media Influence On The World

    When thinking about this question, we have to ask ourselves firstly what is the role of the media in our world? Media is defined as the means of mass communication (esp. Television, radio, newspapers, books, magazines, internet) regarded collectively. Its role in society is to inform the public, and keep us informed, about what is happening throughout the world as well as entertain us. It uses many platforms including internet, books, magazines, newspapers, television, when you walk down the…

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  • Rupert Murdoch's War On Journalism

    A timeless challenge for media governance is Media Ownership. Whoever owns the media will be able to govern the media? Or should the media still be unbiased and not submit to the whims of ownership? Shouldn’t the media present and take care of the needs of its consumers? The philosophy that the market will take care of the needs of consumers is just that, a philosophy. Owners of media outlets can and do dictate the content as to not offend advertisers or to promote the company itself. A perfect…

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  • Operation Mockingbird: The Ethical Role Of The Media

    It has long been suspected that the media, as a whole is a deceptive organization. Conspiracies have run rampant for decades, and simple common sense of the people has infiltrated the masses enough now alerting us not to believe everything we read. Deceptive reporting was first brought to public attention when Operation Mockingbird, designed and implemented by the US Central Intelligence Agency in the early 1950s was uncovered. It was exposed as the clandestine activity of those who wanted…

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  • Description Of The Groundhog Day

    That night, I went to bed and my mind was racing. Our plan was set in place. As the clock struck midnight, I quickly snuck out of bed and got dressed. I was so anxious. I wanted to be ready at a moment’s notice. It took less than two minutes to put on a thermal shirt, a sweater, jeans, and heavy wool socks. I laid on my bed, staring at the ceiling, counting down the minutes. At 12:50 on the dot, I heard muffled noises outside my window. I sat up and looked outside. There was James and his…

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  • Personal Narrative: Rasta Man's Cousin

    Rasta Man’s Cousin And Another Dream One day when I went out to get something to eat, I bumped into Rasta Man’s cousin. She told me that he had been asking about me and she asked if I wanted his number. I told her no. She was like girl, you better go ahead and get that money. I told her again no thanks. She was like I’m gonna tell him you acting funny. I just smiled and walked away. Weeks later after encountering Rasta Man’s cousin, I had a dream. I was awakened out of my…

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  • Soccer In America Speech

    teacher, Mr. James. I say, “Hello, Mr. James! Lucky day! Guess what? It’s me! Francisco!” Mr. James says, “Yes, I see that. Please sit down. It’s time for our very first test. You did do the pre-reading, right?” I say, “I did not do the pre-reading. Or the reading. Or the post reading. I did not do any reading at all because it is summer and that is just wrong.” He says, “Well. Here’s your test. It is fill-in-the-blank. Good luck. Please, sit down.” But I cannot sit down. It is not…

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  • Descriptive Christmas House Research Paper

    I say high to everyone and then walk back through the Sasquatch sized door and walk down the hall to the living room. As I enter the room I 'm greeted by a sweet citrusy pine smell that makes the setting complete. I sit down facing the tree looking beyond into the black abyss and twinkling lights. I pull out my grandpas fly fishing book like I do every year. I read the cover, “ The Complete Angler” by James Prosek. Every year I can never seem to finish the book but I get closer every year. This…

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  • Confidentiality Essay

    Mr. Wilson and I sit down to start his assessment. I explain what the assessment is for and confidentiality. We first start by obtaining personal information. He gives me his full name, his address, and talks about his wife who passed away. While talking about his wife I asked if he had other family members. Mr. Wilson told me he had a daughter and a pet dog. He told me he used to work as a farmer but know he just enjoys siting with his dog on the porch. I asked if he had any close Nabors…

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