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  • James Hardie Case

    5. What issues were in question? What point of view did the group/individual have on these issues? It was questioned to the James Hardie’s attempt to cut their links with asbestos by awarding so-called “exemplary” damages. It illustrated a great deal of disregard for a plaintiff’s rights for a defendant to put itself in a position where it cannot satisfy a plaintiff’s appropriate claim for compensation. When a 1.5 billion shortfall in the 2001 trust was exposed in 2003, James Hardie said it would not pay those claimants who missed out. After a public disapproval, Banton played a leading role, to change the original decision as himself among others were appalled with decision. Exemplary damages: punishment for actions in contumelious disregard…

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  • Memorial To James Analysis

    Memorial to James, First Earl Stanhope as Seen by a Novice Art is said to be in the eye of the beholder. That sentence forces the notion that anything can be considered art depending on the viewer’s belief as to what is artistic. Looking through most history books easily proves that with all the different forms art has taken throughout time. The trip to the Chrysler Museum makes the same point. Basking in the grand display of passion that many pieces radiated while they are displayed in the…

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  • James Monroe Achievements

    James Monroe was a significant figure in many ways in the formation of the United States. As the fifth president, the last of the “Virginia Dynasty,” and the last founding father to serve as president, Monroe is definitely a significant historical figure. Monroe did many things for America, such as his major role in establishing the young United States, his foreign assignments, and his achievements as a president. The question still remains though, is James Monroe truly a significant American…

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  • James Joyce Family

    James Joyce writes his stories about the family in a way that reflects the early twentieth-century family and its effects on an individual within a family. Family is the single most important human need for happiness in this life. The concept of family holds importance because it is through the influence of a family that an individual comes to know the world around him/her. The family is the vehicle in which most individuals first develop their character in life. James Joyce’s idea of the family…

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  • James Madison Personality

    When compared to his historical peers, James Madison was boring. George Washington was the face of America, the glorious leader of the revolution. Thomas Jefferson was cool, composed, and greatly respected across the colonies. Alexander Hamilton was a brash, abrasive veteran, fearless in any situation. Madison, on the other hand, was the shadow behind Washington and Jefferson, supporting them while they stood in the limelight. Madison was never the one to deliver great speeches, even if composed…

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  • James Cameron's Avatar

    James Cameron’s “Avatar” is hailed as one of the greatest movies of all time. The story starts with explaining how by the year 2154 the human race has expended all of the resources of earth, and has set up a base of operations on the moon of Pandora with the intent of harvesting the mineral “unobtainium” for use as an energy source. The story follows our protagonist, Jake Sully, a paraplegic ex-marine who signed up to be part of the human’s “Avatar Program”, which involves the use of…

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  • James A. Garfield's Presidency

    James A. Garfield: One of the Lost Presidents of the United States Not every president served an exact four or eight year presidential term. For example, Grover Cleveland served two consecutive four year terms. Franklin D. Roosevelt served three four year terms and died during the beginning of his fourth. William Henry Harrison only served a month. “James A. Garfield only served 200 days” (Freidel and Sidey).” That means that Garfield’s term was only about six months long. And yet, not every…

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  • James Monroe Research Paper

    James Monroe The fifth person to serve a term as the president of the USA was James Monroe. On April 28,1758 James was born in a town called Westmoreland County which is in Virginia. He was married to Elizabeth Monroe from 1786-1830. Together they had three children. Their first-born was Eliza Monroe. They had two more children after that, James Monroe and Maria Monroe. James died shortly after he was born so the Monroe’s raised two daughters. He attended school at the College of William and…

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  • James Brown: The Godfather Of Soul

    In his book, James Brown the Godfather of Soul, he states “I wasn’t supposed to be James. I wasn’t supposed to be Brown. And I wasn’t supposed to be alive.” (Brown & Tucker, chapter 1 pg. 1) In Barnell, South Carolina in a one room shack on May 3, 1933, James Joe Brown Jr. was born. (Brown & Tucker, chapter 1 pg. 1) From the very beginning, Brown’s life had various struggles from his mother leaving to his father’s gambling habit. (Brown & Tucker, pg.4-7) Despite his father’s gambling habit,…

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  • James Madison's Contribution To The Constitution

    In his life James Madison did some major stuff he made a major contribution to the ratification of the constitution, he was the 4th president of the United States, he also helped write the federalist papers. As president James Madison passed some major stuff and also had some major things happen in his life. James Madison was born in 1751 , he was brought up in Orange County , Virginia he went to the College of New Jersey (now known as Princeton) as a student of history and government ,…

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