Memorial To James Analysis

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Memorial to James, First Earl Stanhope as Seen by a Novice Art is said to be in the eye of the beholder. That sentence forces the notion that anything can be considered art depending on the viewer’s belief as to what is artistic. Looking through most history books easily proves that with all the different forms art has taken throughout time.
The trip to the Chrysler Museum makes the same point. Basking in the grand display of passion that many pieces radiated while they are displayed in the Chrysler Museum the Memorial to James, First Earl Stanhope seemed to have the most personality. The Italian artist Giovanni Battista Pittoni is considered to be a wonderful artist by the general public who are lucky enough to view his works in museums
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It can be overpowering to the viewer because it seems larger than life. That should be easy to understand; hence, the painting in question is no small tapestry. It is larger than an average man of any historical period coming in at a size of 87 x 56 inches and with the frame it stands 112 x 73 1/4 inches. That means it towers just over 7 & ½ feet tall and 4 & ½ half feet wide and those measurements do not include the exquisite frame that caresses the edges of this masterpiece. The Chrysler Museum describes the painting as, “This is an oil on canvas painting. Roman triumphal arch with people congregating below. The two central figures are at the lower left, in front of the bright yellow fabric. The woman represents victory, and the male is the allegorical embodiment of the decreased hero, Stanhope” (par. 6). Average citizens with zero artistic background are engulfed by the sheer size of the painting. Once the initial awe of the paintings grander diminishes one may see and it’s triumphant seen of victory and respect. Upon first glance one would believe they are viewing a painting that was created during the time or the Roman Republic or Empire. Reality is ever so different, since the Memorial to James, First Earl Stanhope was painted in 1726. Earl Stanhope is a very famous and honorable Englishman. He served his country with honor and dignity. Those are qualities that should be admired but they

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