The Stunt Pilot Analysis

The traditional view of art has changed over time just as most things have. Naturally, the act of perception has differed opinions on what society considers as art. Dance, paintings, photography, drawings, music, literature, and sculpting, are what comes to mind when contemplating the aspects of art. The limitation to defining a word so opinionated leaves out room for self-expression. The traditional ideas of what is considered art should be broadened; granted, although not tangible, art can be seen through ambitions, emotions, and expression through appearances when not limited to the customary definition.

In the past, restrictions in artists’ potential may have occurred in fear of controversial topics. Based off of religion, drawings, paintings,
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Though many pieces of art are beautiful, it is not limited to only this. Art can be horrific, lovely, terrifying, it can be anything someone perceives it as. In The Stunt Pilot, Annie Dillard forms a one-sided bond between a pilot and a member of the audience, through the captivation of her emotions. As the woman watches the plane pirouette towards the ground, she recognizes the pilot’s style as something more than simply flying a plane. She notes that “like any fine artist, he controlled the tension of the audience’s longing” for more (85). The natural act of perception leads one to believe that the people of the audience were feeling different things, but there is no doubt that the stunt pilot had them feeling something. In relation to the stunts being seen as art, I have similar experience with a nontraditional artist that pulled my emotions to their brink. The Ringling Bros. Circus had come to my town, and of course I had to be there. The elephants must have sensed the excitement in the room as they entered the arena because with one place out of step, ringleader’s whip had tears blurring my view. The instinct to retreat my eyes was a mistake, for the people surrounding had a different reaction to the misbehaved creature. From fright to absurdity, I wiped my tears to witness the remarkable beasts pile on top of each other as the crowd roared with bliss. I could not help but smile. Despite the dismay I had …show more content…
Even if you would not wear Valentino’s Fall 2013 line, the clothes used to cover up as the trash gets taken out say something about the person wearing them. Make up, hairstyles, clothes, shoes, and even posture are all things contributing to fashion. The human body 's presentation can be compared to the traditional –blank canvas. Dressing up and creating a personal style is precisely what painters do when in contact with their blank template. Another example is the stunt pilot in Annie Dillard’s essay. Much of the story consists of description of his appearance as he flies. The pilot’s style and technique relate to a dancer’s costume, a designer’s clothing line on the runway, a child in the hallway at school, and anything else that represents motives and expression through one’s style. With no definite structure to art, style is unlimited. Fashion shows continue controversy, young people look to the past for inspiration, and performers consider appearance when creating their own art

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