Analysis Of Self-Portrait With A Straw Hat

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art holds many valuable works of art, one of which is double sided piece. This piece labeled Self-Portrait with a Straw Hat is a beautiful painting of a man wearing a hat and on the other side of this painting is a work of art called Potato Peeler, which is of a woman peeling a potato. This piece went under investigation for a time being because there was controversy whether it was an actual Van Gogh original. After extensive review, the piece was indeed found to be a fake. Although the Self-Portrait double sided painting is a fake it is still great in many ways. This is because the art itself is what is valuable, it has excellent technique, and stands out from many others. It does not matter who created a work of art; it is the beauty beyond the name that makes it so significant. …show more content…
Well according to Webster 's Dictionary art is defined as something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful, or that expresses important ideas or feelings. All it takes for a piece to be valuable is for it to be beautiful in at least one person 's eyes. It could be drawn by a 4-year-old and still be just as valuable as a piece done by Van Gogh. All good artists have to get their ideas from somewhere. For example, Renaissance artists looked to Aristotle for a definition of what makes a work of art great. Aristotle suggests three criteria. A work of art must be ‘good’, as in exhibiting skill and successfully accomplishing what the artist set out to do; it must be ‘beautiful’, meaning aesthetically pleasing or morally elevating; and it must be ‘interesting’, which concerns the idea behind the work’s content and what thoughts and emotions it provokes (Ezell). Both the Self-Portrait and Potato Peeler are valuable because they are "good, beautiful, and interesting" due to their

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