Van Gogh's Self-Portrait With A Straw Hat Analysis

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art holds many valuable works of art, one of which is double sided piece. This piece labeled Self-Portrait with a Straw Hat is a beautiful painting of a man wearing a hat and on the other side of this painting is a work of art called Potato Peeler, which is of a woman peeling a potato. This piece went under investigation for a time being because there was controversy whether it was an actual Van Gogh original. After extensive review, the piece was indeed found to be a fake. Although the Self-Portrait double sided painting is a fake it is still great in many ways. This is because the art itself is what is valuable, it has excellent technique, and stands out from many others. It does not matter who created a work of art; it is the beauty beyond the name that makes it so significant.
What is art? Well according to Webster 's Dictionary art is defined as something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful, or that expresses important
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The way the artist does each brush stroke in the Self-Portrait is very unique. Unique in a way that no artist is going to be able to make an exact replica. The art world is a murky one indeed, and sussing out the various biases of buyers, collectors, and experts, all of which form the baseline of judgment from which claims about artworks are made, is not easy (Ezell). It takes time and effort from beginner artists, and each has different styles that they like to express. Although the likelihood that the artist may have got his or her ideas from someone else such as Van Gogh is a great possibility because you can only make something new if you make something that already exists (Farago). Van Gogh is possibly one of the most well-known artists in the history of history. Having such incredible talent and being comparable or even mistaken as a Van Gogh original is

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