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  • The Creation Of The Republican Party In The 1850's

    to par with the interests and values of the people. A civil war surfaced when free state settlers established their own opposing government. In a conflict called "Bleeding Kansas" nearly 200 people were killed. In 1856, Preston Brooks beat Charles Sumner, an antislavery Senator from Massachusetts, unconscious with a cane after he denounced " The Crime against Kansas." During the 1856 election, the Republican Party chose John C. Fremont and stated that his party strongly disagreed with the further continuation of slavery. On the other side, the Democrats nominated James Buchanan. Buchanan did not have any association whatsoever with any stance on the slavery problem and supported the idea of popular sovereignty. In the North, Fremont got more votes than Buchanan, however, Buchanan won all southern states, including others such as Indiana, Pennsylvania and Illinois. With this amount of states on his side, Buchanan was ensured of victory over Fremont. The 1856 elections proved that political parties were now organized along sectional lines. The Democrats were now severely vulnerable, the Whigs were not even a thing anymore and a new party had surfaced that was entirely concerned with northern interests and values.…

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  • Walt Whitman's Oh Captain ! My Captain

    “Oh Captain! My Captain!” is about a son who is attempting to inform his father about good news, unaware that his father has just passed away in a battle. Walt Whitman, the author of “Oh Captain! My Captain!” laments over the loss of his hero, Abraham Lincoln and viewed him as the greatest president in United States History. Whitman saw a “grand tragedy that promised ultimate purgation and unification for America” in the death of Lincoln (Reynolds). Because of this view on President Lincoln,…

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  • What Was The Role Of The President During The Civil War

    From page one of The Presidents’ War it becomes immensely apparent that DeRose has undertaken a very ambitious task. His purpose is to present the prelude period of the American Civil War from the perspectives of the six presidents that were alive during the period. These presidents; John Tyler, Martin Van Buren, James Buchanan, Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, and Abraham Lincoln, all had different agendas that they pursued throughout their terms in office, differing views about the role of…

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  • The Lincoln-Douglas Debate Analysis

    the divisive sectional and slavery issues. Some people thought that it would determine the viability of the Union itself. The men debated in seven of the nine Illinois Congressional Districts. Each debate opened with an hour address by either Douglas or Lincoln. The other would then speak for an hour and a half. The first then had thirty minutes of rebuttal. Because he was the incumbent, Douglas was allowed to go first four of the seven debates. The two men had their debates directly with the…

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  • Literary Terms In Walt Whitman's O 'Captain ! My Captain !'

    Literary Terms in Walt Whitman’s “O’Captain! My Captain!” On the surface, Whitman’s poem appears to be about a captain that died at sea after a rough voyage. Directly under the surface, however, is actually a different poem entirely. “O’Captain! My Captain!” is actually a poem about the death of President Abraham Lincoln after his victory in the Civil War. Whitman uses many literary devices to paint a dark and grief filled picture of Lincoln’s death. The way Whitman writes about Lincoln shows…

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  • Tesla Motors Inc.

    Duke Energy’s strengths according to The Street are in multiple areas, such as its expanding profit margins, good cash flow from operations, solid stock price performance and notable return on equity. They also feel that even though Duke Energy has had sub-par growth in net-income the pros far outweigh the cons. The Street’s final rating for Duke energy Stock was a 5/5 must buy. Duke Energy Stock in my opinion is a great stock to invest in. Looking at the stock chart I believe that the stock is…

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  • The Importance Of The Lincoln-Douglas Debates

    President Abraham Lincoln was famously known to be an immaculate orator. Throughout his all too short presidency he was noted for his impressive speaking skills and ability to speak to a large audience. His speaking caused those who were near the president to stop what they were doing and listen carefully to each word he uttered. Such a skill was increasingly significant for a president especially in the time of the most civil unrest in American history. The ability to communicate ideas and…

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  • The Causes Of The Mexican American War And The Dred Scott Decision

    He sided with Southerners to block the Wilmot Proviso from preventing slavery in any territories acquired by the Mexican American War, an obvious cause for Republicans, Whigs, and all anti-slavery Northerners alike to be concerned with the direction the nation was taking. The Southerners, on the other hand, obviously rejoiced in the bias that pushed political law to favor their use of slaves. James K Polk was obviously extremely influential during the mid 1800s. He’s the one who pushed for the…

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  • What Led To The Civil War Essay

    What Led to the Civil War The Civil War began in 1861 under President Lincoln. There were events that dated as far back as 1856 that started the Civil War. When the Dred Scott case was ruled in favor of the Emmersons, many protests started (Griffin, PP3, 11/19/15). The raid at Harpers Ferry made the nation feel a sense of crisis (Griffin, PP5, 11/19/15). When the militia of South Carolina attacked Fort Sumter and the states declared succession because of the insurrection, the Civil War began…

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  • The Relationship Of Daisyby And Daisy In F. Scott Fitzgerald's Great Gatsby

      "(...) Daisy, who was sitting frightened but graceful,  on the edge of a stiff chair."   Then there is Gatsby,  who is so conscious of his appearance,  that he almost knocks over the clock.  Again the reader is presented with evidence of nervousness and awkwardness,  as it is very common behaviour to be rather clumsy when one is unsure of ones self,  due to the presence of a person one is attracted to.  After this small incident Gatsby also…

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