James Fenimore Cooper

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  • Adventure And Discovery In Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Birth-Mark

    ” (Cooper 2554). Though unfortunately, when the pilgrims arrived they were blind to the beauty nature had. Forests were soon destroyed to make room for towns and farms. Animals began to be hunted for entertainment and achievement solely instead of for food. This resulted in massive death toles to the animals of America. James Fenimore Cooper accounts for this multiple times in The Pioneers, or the Sources of the Susquehanna, “If the heavens were alive with pigeons, the whole village seemed equally in motion…every species of fire-arms…was to be seen in the hands of men and boys” (Cooper 2554). Millions of passenger pigeons were killed, though they were used for meat and feathers used for beds, the passenger pigeons were hunted to extinction. This is due to the fact, that the pilgrims did not see the beauty and value of the pigeons, by being blind to said beauty results in a massacre. The same sad story can be told about the American bison and multiple fish species. Pilgrims began to hunt and kill so much that they could not use the meat and fur from the animals fast enough, “These fist, Bess, which thou seest lying in such piles before thee, and which, by tomorrow evening, will be rejected food on the meanest table” (Cooper 2565). To be truly American, one must see nature as a gift, and should cherish said gift with full respect. By valuing the surrounding nature, Americans can prosper along with nature and balance can be created. Susan Fenimore Cooper, daughter of James…

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  • The Deerslayer Summary

    James Fenimore Cooper has a past in the church. He was very active in his hometown church. Later in his life he took on leadership and clergy roles there. He donated a lot of money and supervised the redesigning of the church as his own expense. Also later in his life he was confirmed by the church. He was very publically involved in his home church, so for him to have written a book tying in Christian values is not surprising. Some writers who analyze Cooper’s work said he was the only major…

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  • The Garden The Machine Analysis

    James Fenimore Cooper’s The Pioneers encapsulates America’s appreciation for “wild” nature over that of the serene, peaceful scenes described by their pastoral European precursors. The reader can see the manifestation of this appreciation through the American people’s enthusiastic reception of Natty Bumppo, one of Cooper’s most famous characters. His interaction with other characters from the stories serve to depict him as an individual who, unlike protagonists from other pastoral works, doesn’t…

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  • Nationalism And The Romantic Era

    nation, where the ideals of westward expansion and the potential for development as a country free from the binds of Great Britain were expressed. Although the rest of the world also benefited from the Romantic era, America in particular was able to convey the ideas of new found individualism, democracy, and the freedom that was now settling into the culture. Some writers who practiced these ideas on the importance of nature and self-actualization were Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nathaniel Hawthorne,…

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  • The Importance Of Friendship In Joseph Conrad's The Secret Sharer

    The Importance of Friendship Friendship is, by definition, a relationship between two friends. Some believe that friendships are a necessity for human life. Joseph Conrad was a man who grew up not having many friends. As a young child he had missed school quite a bit from illnesses (Kathleen Wilson 200). This made it hard to have close relationships with other children. He did however gain a love for literature and the sea from his father at a young age (www.notablebiographies.com). This is…

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  • The Fine Art Of Sighing Analysis

    the sound foundation for “The fine art of sighing”. By definition according to Merriam Webster Dictionary, sighing is “to take a deep audible breath (as in weariness or relief)” however through the depth of Cooper 's writing we find that sighing is a passage to many other emotions and avenues(“sigh”). Although not clearly evident at the surface of his piece, the writing style of “the fine art of sighing” suggest Bernard Cooper himself finds sighing to be a blockade in relationships and trivial…

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  • Stereotypes Of Gender Roles Essay

    For example, the males in The Big Bang Theory are all scientists. Leonard Hofstadter is an experimental physicist at Caltech in Pasadena, Sheldon Cooper works as a theoretical physicist at Caltech, Howard Wolowitz works as an aerospace engineer and former NASA astronaut at Caltech in Pasadena, and Raj Koothrappali is an Indian-born astrophysicist who lives in Pasadena and works at Caltech. Unfortunately, one of the main women characters in The Big Bang Theory is another story. Penny is a…

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  • Vo2 Max Lab Report

    Introduction: Maximal oxygen uptake, or VO2 max represents the maximum amount of oxygen consumption attainable during all out aerobic exercise, most commonly running on a treadmill. The point at which oxygen consumption plateaus is the individual’s maximal oxygen uptake. If the individual does not plateau, that point is referred to as VO2 peak. VO2 max is measured in milliliters per kilogram of body weight per minute, and there are two ways to measure it, either direct or indirect. The direct…

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  • How Does Planned Obsolescence Affect Consumer Behavior

    In modern society, no matter in real life or in the online world, advertisements are ubiquitous and incessantly remind people of their social status as consumers. Among the advertisements, some of them try to convince people of donation to charity, some of them aim to win votes for political groups while most of them attempt to promote the sale of products. With the advertising influences, people are caught up in the vicious circle of constantly consuming goods, even goods they do not really…

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  • Aerobic Capacity

    Aerobic capacity of endurance athletes has been a consistent topic throughout research. Different sports require a certain amount of endurance to be successful on the field or court. Much of this research has been done on soccer players. These athletes consistently show a high maximal oxygen capacity, also known as VO2 max. Due to their higher aerobic fitness level they are able to perform closer to their maximum heart rate value as well. Throughout a match the players consistently shift from…

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