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  • Adventure And Discovery In Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Birth-Mark

    “I’m going on an adventure!!”, this is what Bilbo described himself as he was running off into a new world from the Hobbit. The same can be said about an American. Though how does one simply be an American? This question can be taken in several ways, however one easy way to describe it is by experiencing it firsthand. By going on an adventure like never before, seeing the beauty of nature as you spring down the path, making friends along the way. That is what being an American is all about. Though of course one needs to know what they are looking for while on said adventure to feel the true feeling of American. By seeing the beauty in nature, in others, and creating a new path is the key to the adventure. Adventure and discovery are a major part of being American, however, what you see as you travel is the key. One can simply hike up a mountain and come back down without truly going on an adventure. To achieve the adventure one must take something down from the mountain that they didn’t have before. Though this does not mean a tangible item, the goal is to bring something down that changes one’s perspective on their life. One easy way to obtain a goal such as this is by seeing the beauty of nature. By seeing the beauty of nature one can see the true value of all things around them. When one simply looks at a flower, they will just see a plant with color other than green, though if they look at the beauty of the flower and its impact on its surrounding, the value of said…

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  • Susan Fenimore Cooper's Essay

    It was hard to see the ground for the most part, but as I walked I could faintly see the grass at my feet. To the left of my vision was the outline of a bench with a large tree just to the right of it. I settled here because it seemed like the perfect view of the puddle. I glanced around and found myself walking through the scene one by one. First, was the dirt, the place where every good thing comes from, and the often-unsung hero of nature. I say hero because what happens in nature that does…

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  • Corn Pone Opinions, The Creation Myths Of Cooperstown And Graven Images

    In “Corn-Pone Opinions,” “The Creation Myths of Cooperstown,” and “Graven Images,” by Twain, Gould, and Bellow, respectively, each author explores the fallibility of human perception. While the main purposes of these three essays differ, each one still implements the theme of trending to illustrate how and why people naturally conform-- even if a movement involves believing in a falsehood. In the first essay, “Corn-Pone Opinions,” Twain analyzes how most people shape their beliefs based on…

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  • Personal Narrative John Colby

    the great life” screams John. On this very day John Colby will forever lose the way he looks… When he landed in New York city he was amazed because he always wanted to see New york city. Once he landed with his dad his dad says “It's gonna be a long drive to Cooperstown son” exclaimed dad. “Ya I realized that.” said John “Well just make sure you get some rest while we take our 4 hour drive” “Yesssss dad I know”. “Do you need any food or snacks or water?” questioned dad “Dad I don’t! Just let me…

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  • What Is The Creation Of Baseball?

    The Creation of Baseball Since 1839 baseball has been known as America’s pastime but to others it is even more than that. And as the history is unclear about the sport it might have been even longer than that. The start of baseball has a lot of discrepancy on how the game was started, where it was started, and who the sole creator was. With others believing baseball simply evolved from other sports. For the most part all of these are true statements with a few exceptions to them. The belief is…

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  • Pete Rose Case Study

    -- sort of a "time served" scenario that would give Rose the Hall of Fame posterity he's so desperate for. But ESPN just found entries in a bookie's notebook that seem to be proof that Rose has been lying all along -- no surprise to anyone who knows anything about addicts. As a result, Pete Rose and Cooperstown will likely remain estranged forever.” (Barra) Rose would have most likely been able to make his plea and make it on the ballot if he had told the truth from the beginning. Sports…

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  • Reflective Essay: My Experience In Professional Sports

    years with some friends from school. The team’s name was the Lake Shore Bluesox. Our team was in a travel league where we would play teams across the state of Maryland from different counties. We practiced three nights a week with a game on Friday, along with three games over the weekend. It was a lot of hard work, but we won almost all of our games. Our coach told us that if we kept up a good record, we could be invited to a big out of state tournament. One day when I was relaxing after…

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  • Last Of The Mohicans And The Pioneer: An Analysis

    writers no doubt but one of the best to ever lay a pen to paper has to be James Cooper. The Leather stocking era that was established by Cooper has been honored by authors for ages. Cooper tries to focus on American Politician throughout these novels. Upon reading the story you will find the mention of land, law, and redefining unity that is established throughout the novel. These novels describe the difficulties that the Indians and early settlers faced. First, the description of Land in The…

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  • Big Katz Golf Outing Case Study

    I wanted to reach out to all of you in regards to the Big Katz Golf Outing July 29th. It is coming soon and we to start wrapping some things up. Frank sent out an email on May 26th with the sign up information as well as the golf flyer. The fundraisers coming up will be important in helping out 12U Katz get to Cooperstown and help reduce the per player cost. I do understand that some parents might not want to participate in all the fundraising and that is fine. We will be dividing up the…

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  • Second Game Narrative

    Our team had just finished the second game of the day in Cooperstown NY. We had already lost a game and we had to win the next game to move on. I was pitching this next game. I was prepared and then went to warm up. “10 minutes to game time!” the umpire yelled. We were the visitors team which meant we hit first. Everybody on my team was ready to play when the game finally started. The top of our line up went up to bat. We scored two runs in the first inning and then it was time for me to start…

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