Adventure And Discovery In Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Birth-Mark

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“I’m going on an adventure!!”, this is what Bilbo described himself as he was running off into a new world from the Hobbit. The same can be said about an American. Though how does one simply be an American? This question can be taken in several ways, however one easy way to describe it is by experiencing it firsthand. By going on an adventure like never before, seeing the beauty of nature as you spring down the path, making friends along the way. That is what being an American is all about. Though of course one needs to know what they are looking for while on said adventure to feel the true feeling of American. By seeing the beauty in nature, in others, and creating a new path is the key to the adventure.
Adventure and discovery are a major
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Not seeing a person’s beauty can result in terrible consequences. This can be seen in Hawthorne’s The Birth-Mark. The story is based on a man of science named Alymer and his wife Georgiana. Georgiana had a birth mark on her cheek since birth, which Alymer grew increasingly troubled with. He saw the birth mark as an imperfection, “Alymer objectifies his wife, initially idiolizing her as an object of beauty, and then later reconceives her as flawed, requiring “improvement”.” (Tritt). Of course, since Alymer dislikes the birth mark, he wanted to remove it from his wife to make her “perfect”. Being the scientist he is, Alymer worked to remove the birth mark from his wife’s cheek, though once done successfully tragedy filled the air. Georgiana passed away due to the procedure, “Yet, had Alymer reached a profounder wisdom, he need not thus have flung away the happiness,” (Hawthorne 2653). Had Alymer seen the beauty of his wife and seen the birth mark as a charm, he would not be a widower. He valued his happiness over the life of his wife. This story serves as an example of what the early Americans did to the natives and slaves. They were blind to the value of human life and wanted to use them for their own happiness. Resulting in the Trail of Tears and numerous counts of torture under slave owners. Because of these cases, it can be said that American’s lost their way. Luckily there were some who could serve as examples of what being an American is all about. Names like Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr. are just a few of the many remarkable Americans to

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