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  • Custom House History

    of architecture to represent America’s power and leadership (NPS). Private architects believed that the projects done by government architects cost too much money and were not as appealing as projects done by private architects. Missouri Congressman John C. Tarsney sided with private architects, also creating a bill to allow public buildings to be designed by private architects through building competitions (NPS). In 1893, Congress passed the Tarnsey Act. Cass Gilbert would later become the winner of the competition (New York Architecture 2015). Twenty firms competed, and each one selected two people to be on the jury. Both Gilbert 's selections (Thomas R. Kimbell and Frank Miles Day) made the jury. The third member of the jury was James Knox Taylor, one of Gilbert 's former partners (CassGilbertSociety). The competition ended in a draw. “As a result of this, the jury held more meetings with each of the competitors in private, and finally they selected Gilbert (CassGilbertSociety).” The design of the U.S. Custom House is Beaux-Arts. Its inspiration comes from the design of the Paris Opera House (CassGilbertSociety). The customs house was designed to face the Bowling Green rather than the water. (GSA). The building is filled with symbolism and architectural references. The building itself is seven stories tall, and takes up three city blocks. It is right next to the train station. The outside has forty-four columns that have the head of Mercury, the Roman god of commerce…

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  • Authentic Heroism Definition

    Authentic Heroism The word “hero” has become highly overused. Athletes, actors, musicians, and even reality TV stars are considered modern heros. The qualification of a hero has evolved from sacrifice and selflessness, to good-looks and the amount of points scored in a game. The actual definition of the word “hero” has not physically changed in the dictionary, however the meaning and qualification behind the famous word has been diluted and downgraded. A genuine hero qualifies someone who…

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  • John Calvin's Understanding Of Eschatology Analysis

    “Kingdom of God”, “the day of the LORD”, “the end of the world”, “the last judgment” and “a new heaven and a new earth.” These words are the image of eschatology, and eschatology is an important subject in the Bible. Even Donald K. McKim says that the theme of the Bible is the kingdom of God (McKim, 167). In the Gospel, Jesus taught about the kingdom of God in his whole life and ministry, and the kingdom of God is represented as “already, but not yet” (McKim, 170). John Calvin, a 16th century…

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  • British Army Uniforms

    choices that led to victory. Washington’s main advisors included General Officer Nathanael Greene and Colonel Henry Knox, among others. Greene was a robust man of 39, and, despite never setting foot on a battlefield prior, became one of Washington’s “go-to” men when it came to military actions. He was quick-witted, inquiring, and had a resolve like no other. Henry Knox was hard to ignore. At all of 25, he was 1.82 meters (6 feet) tall and perhaps 114.4 kilograms (250 pounds) of muscle. He was…

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  • Henry Knox Research Paper

    Henry Knox, who was he? Well, Henry Knox was born in Boston, Massachusetts to William Knox and Mary Campbell Knox in seventeen-fifty. Though Knox was born in Boston, his parents are pioneers from North Ireland. Henry had nine siblings, and was the seventh of the ten. William, was a shipmaster, carrying trade upon the Western Indies. William died when he was at the age of fifty, because of financial issues and mental stress. Because of this, Henry dropped out of school to support his mother. He…

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  • In Steve Tobak's 11 Traits Of Highly Intelligent People

    shared the news with him, she confided in Taylor, who sincerely congratulated her, then contemplated what’s next. For Judy being in her early 40’s with one child, a daughter in middle school, meant the responsibilities of being a manager and mother would become laborious, while handling a newborn baby. The Owner congratulated Judy and asked her when she was due. Moreover, she was due in March and would be out eight weeks for maternity leave - time was of the essence. Now he began…

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  • Preston Taylor Ministries Observation

    Preston Taylor Ministries: Final Observation The experience gained from observing and volunteering at Preston Taylor Ministries after school program was definitely unforgettable for a number of reasons. Preston Taylor Ministries is a child after school care program that facilitates a safe and fun environment to play in as well as help with homework and further instruction for all registered students grades k-5th. The Wilson Center, in which my observation was completed, is the biggest of six…

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  • Reality In Black Swan Green

    the people around him, and about the world. Many characters’ appearances in the book do not reflect who they really are; some characters simply seem unreal; some characters mask their true identity, including Jason Taylor himself, who is constantly trying to reveal only aspects of himself and in search for the right appearance throughout the novel. Many of these characters’ real personas are eventually revealed, because-- in reality--one is not capable of choosing what identity to put on and has…

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  • Amelia Rose Elbridge Character Analysis

    Disappoint they decided to go check another Taylor to see if it could be her. Some more driving takes place and there is no sign of the resident of the house so they decided to stay the night in town and try again in the…

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  • Sexism In Kingsolver's The Bean Trees

    way that men treat Taylor and Lou Ann to show how their is still sexism in Whatcom County and all over the world. Kingsolver writes about sexism both knowingly and also unaware. This shows how sexism is more of a common item in society today rather than something unusual. In the book men were the ones who were sextist towards the women. The main character Taylor, who is very self-reliant person and doesn't need a man to help her, ends up falling into the same ideologies as other women do who…

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