A Narrative Of A Revolutionary Soldier Summary

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The book A Narrative of a Revolutionary Soldier is the memoir of Joseph Plumb Martin and chronicles his thoughts and experiences as a soldier in the American Revolutionary War. His diary was originally published as A Narrative of Some of the Adventures, Dangers and Sufferings of a Revolutionary Soldier, Interspersed with Anecdotes of Incidents that Occurred Within His Own Observation, and later it was better known as Private Yankee Doodle. The book portrays Revolutionary War battles of historical significance and illustrates the difficulties faced by the soldiers who fought in the war. In 1760, Joseph Plumb Martin was born in western Massachusetts. From the age of seven, he was raised by his grandparents in Connecticut where he received a well-rounded education. In 1776, much to the dismay of his grandparents, he enlisted in the Connecticut State Militia when he was only 15. He was initially assigned to duty in the area of New York City. Martin arrived in New York shortly before the Long Island Campaign took place. In A Narrative of a Revolutionary Soldier, he discusses his participation in the battle. On August 22, 1776, British Forces that were …show more content…
On September 15, 1776 British warships took their position on Kip’s Bay. Their intentions were to protect a flotilla of boats that were transporting 4,000 British soldiers to Manhattan. American soldiers under the command of Colonel William Douglas put up a weak resistance before they crumbled and ran. General Washington, who witnessed the spectacle from a hilltop, attempted to reorganize the Patriot lines to no avail. General Rufus Putnam gathered the Continental troop and marched them toward Harlem Heights on the west side of Manhattan. The Red Coats also marched in the same direction, but on the eastern side of the island. The Battle of Kip’s Bay secured control of New York City by the British and that would remain until the end of the

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