A Narrative Of A Revolutionary Soldier Analysis

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A Narrative of a Revolutionary Soldier is a historical narrative about Joseph Plumb Martin 's adventures and efforts while in the Revolutionary War. This classic read uncovers the thoughts and struggles of a soldier in the Revolutionary War during the year 1776. Plumb Martin enlisted in the Continental Army in 1776, and served in New York and Connecticut during the American Revolution. Joseph Plumb Martin was an American patriot for many different reasons. One of those reasons being that he went against his own will to enlist and continue to enlist until the end of the Revolutionary War. Also, Martin went endured struggle after struggle for his country expecting little to nothing to return for those services. Thirdly, during person danger he still continued to perform his duties in the army to full perfection. Finally, he was extremely consistent in fighting for the independence and liberty of this country and helping the well being of others on the same path. Joseph Plumb Martin was just a normal sixteen year old boy. When the Revolutionary War overcame his country in 1776, along with the other young men around him he joined the Rebel Infantry. But unlike the other men, Joseph recorded his thoughts and struggles forty seven years after the war in a memoir eventually titled A Narrative of a Revolutionary Solder: Some of the …show more content…
From 1776 to the end of the war in 1783 Joseph Plumb Martin fought for patriotism. Through the many years serving Martin never suffered from serious wounds or capture. He battled through seven well known battles, including Battles of Princeton and FT. Mifflin and the Siege of Yorktown. Martin not only fought in the war but also against the constant hunger pain and unbearable cold he experienced. In Joseph Plumb Martin 's memoir he recalls the hardships of fellow soldiers experienced on the line and after they were

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