What Is The Origins Of The Revolutionary War Essay

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Dating back to June 14th, 1775, America was in dire need of a fighting force for means to protect the homefront. Its roots are based on the Continental Army which was established to fight the American Revolutionary War of 1775-1783. The Revolutionary War was a way to formally establish the nation of the United States of America. With the primary mission of the Army to protect, defend, and sustain the American people. Any and all American military operations now fell under the responsibility of the newly formed Army. With an established military, America was ready to take on the British army and to carry out all orders and needs of the nation. The Army of the United States of America has a rich past full of tradition, customs, and courtesies. Therefore, the beginning of the United States Army was formally established from the Continental Congress. The first name of the Army was the “Continental Army” from the title of Congress. Along with the security of the nation, the main purpose of this fighting force was to unify citizens of the United States. In direct need of protection and assurance, …show more content…
General Washington lead the Army into what seemed like certain defeat. With a new understanding of tactics and strategy, Washington had his sights set on finishing of Great Britian. America was fighting along side its true ally in France. With the aid and help of the French forces, Yorktown was going to be a enormous victory, or a disheartening defeat. The battle of Yorktown was the final test for the newly formed U.S Army. With a tremendous victory for the United States, the war that had raged on for eight years would finally come to an end. The American Army helped the nation establish independence and its own identity. The war that made the United States would be the beginning of the U.S Army, the structure that followed would be in tradition of what the Revolution had

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