Essay On The Brixton Riot

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The Brixton Riot was an act of protest; young african americans including their friends and family in the youth community vs. Metropolitan Police of Brixton which took place on the 11th and 12th of April, 1981. During the mid 70’s the unemployment rate was a upbringing of a crisis, this occasion was particularly with the black youth of Brixton. Therefore the black youth have endless amounts of free time causing them to roam the streets. This was their way of expressing their boredom, this boredom caught the attention of the Metro Police. At this point the black youth is now a new “problem”, only appealing to the police. Instantly, these young blacks believed that they were only being harassed because of the color of their skin. Being harassed by the color of their skin, in their eyes, they would not settle for this they wanted to stand their ground. …show more content…
This operation group had began to stop these bored young black men, the ones that look just slightly suspicious. The black community thought of the riot as a way to express their accumulated irritations that were caused by the treatment of their race. This riot escalated quickly into a domestic battle between black youths and the Metropolitan Police force. The government of Britain had looked into the riot, yet they had never established the cause as a racial issue. Through these riots the dangers of stereotypical labeling are revealed, which can lead up to domestic violence like so. In this author 's editorial with “Brixton riots 1981: the fight against racism” being the title already gives you a clearly narrow argumentative statement. “....,young blacks are subject to humiliating and racist treatment”(Hoskisson), the author produces a bias against the Metropolitan Police of Brixton using card stacking, tone, style, rhetorical mood and

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