Economic geography

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  • The Relationship Between Political Geography And Economic Geography

    By looking at the two sub-topics, Political Geography and Economic Geography, we can see how the relationship between local and global processes in contemporary society in relation to the Global Economy. Political geography is the delineation and the categorization of particular places set by boundaries. The space within these boundaries contains a group of people willing to live by the rules set by others but also, a set of relations between groups and people. “Economic Geography is the study of the location, distribution and spatial organization of economic activities across the world.” ( ). Economic geography looks at may industries, for example, transportation and real estate to name a few.…

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  • Intersectional Inequalities

    Given that inequality can be measured on different scales- not only across but also within countries- what are the implications for how we define and measure development? Answer using both theory and examples The 20th and 21st Century has seen remarkable developments in geography, perhaps most notably around development. As with many topics within the subject, development involves a myriad of complexities and its definition varies temporally and spatially (Willis, 2014). As Fraser (2010) notes,…

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  • Globalization Argumentative Analysis

    Even during the new age of the Internet, we have established borders based on geography, language and distance. Internet-based companies are even having a difficult time globalizing. Google, for example, is having a very difficult time breaking into the Internet market in Russia; the majority of Russians would rather choose local providers above a global company (Ghemawat). The same principle is true across the globe. We would rather choose our local businesses than to venture to global…

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  • Global Supply Chain Essay

    are granted the opportunity to have their input in global chains by introducing a traditional comparative advantage that otherwise has been missed, and are given the chance to promote their countries and culture (Cattaneo et al., 2016). Another key advantage of the globalised supply chain is that it boosts economic conditions for 3rd world countries such as China and India (Porter, 1986), thereby, raising the standard of living for millions of people with potential to resolve global problems…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Globalization

    Globalization allows for the voice of those who would otherwise not have a platform to speak to be heard. This allows people to be exposed to different mindsets, cultures, and beliefs, often without ever needing to leave home. Personal blogs, independently-run web sites, and forums all allow people to share their stories. In modern times, people have seen the power platforms such as Twitter have, where citizens of authoritarian nations are able to reach out to the global community to inform them…

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  • How Does Globalisation Affect Developing Countries

    across the globe (held and McGrew 2002) as quoted in Flaten p.623. Globalization and technology are often used interchangeably. The world has become interdependent due to the free flow of goods as a result of globalization. There are some positive strides of globalization on developing countries. Globalization has created an enormous opportunities for the world’s economy. It created job in exporting industries that pay higher than average. It has given consumers access to a wide range of goods…

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  • Challenges Of Environmental Institutions

    Environmental Governance, pg. 52). Environmental institutions receive funding from many different sources; however, these institutions remain under-funded because the funding is used inefficiently. The lack of financial resources is one of the biggest obstacles to treaty agreements, especially in developing countries. The inefficiency to manage funding hurt the credibility of the institutions and also fails to provide funds for those who need it. "Minimizing inefficiencies through…

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  • What Are Your Research Aim, Questions And/Or Objectives

    London property market”. In addition, a number of sub questions and themes will also be addressed. These will include: • Identifying different types of financial investment in London and who the investors are. • Recognising trends of London property prices throughout recent history. • Housing bubbles, what exactly they are, and their effects. • Perception of foreign investment by locals and the British media. • Comparison of London with an equivalent area of investment e.g. Oxford/Cambridge. …

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  • Cyber Domain Case Study

    a domain and part of the global common. National laws, policies, and understanding of the cyber domain are just being to mature; thus, the strategy to guide and form the required organizations to support cyber is just being to develop. This paper will consider whether the current national cyber construct is sufficient to address the cyber domains unique geography. Next the paper will examine whether the national organizational structure tasked with cyber operations needs to be reorganized and…

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  • Geography Quiz Answers

    rates. 11___A nodal region is is an area organized around a node or focal point. Another term for nodal region is a functional region. An example is of a rodal region is with the node being a shop to display information about ecconomic areas. 12___Round Rock ISD is a functional region. 13___A perceptual region is is a place that people believe exists as part of their cultural Identity. Another term for perceptual region is vernacular region. 14___An example of a vernacular region not in the…

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