Economic shortage

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  • Burnout Sonography

    The sonography section of the medical sector often has few professionals due to the shortage of trained specialists. Notably, sonographers often overwork in their departments to meet tight deadlines and receive numerous patients who need their services. The scarcity of the professionals has led to increased turnover in the medical section, causing additional responsibilities that result in stress among the existing workers. As such, shortage of employees results in occupational burnout since the medical experts and sonographers are forced to work more with few human…

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  • STEM Workforce Shortage

    suffer unless they change their approach to STEM education. The most influential report, Rising Above the Gathering Storm, argues that Americans today are feeling the effects of globalization that challenge their economic and strategic leadership. As a result, a large portion of the…

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  • The Roman Empire: Sanitation, Military Shortage, And Economic Problems

    The Roman Empire faced many issues in its final years. Some of the problems included sanitation, military shortages, and economy issues. Sanitation was a big problem because sickness and plagues sprang up from consuming contaminated water, sewage bacteria, or rodent issues. (Alchin, "Reasons why the Roman Empire fell") Another problem is the military, during Rome’s decline, it was tough to recruit soldiers and harder to provide resources for its heavy armies. Economy was also a big problem for…

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  • Essay On Nursing Shortage In Nursing

    Nursing Shortage and Nurses Turnover Deimys D Vigil NRS 451V Nursing Shortage and Nurses Turnover Nursing shortage is an ongoing issue which seems to be affecting every medical facility. However, it has been an issue for many years, and although we continue to hear “it is getting better” from many sources, there is still a huge problem in this field and continues to be one. Nurses are often found in hard situations such as having to work long hours under conditions that cause stress and can also…

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  • Elizabeth Vansickle's Role In Health Care

    Mrs. Vansickle states, “It was very hard trying to keep up with everything, everything was thrown at me so fast and most things I couldn’t stomach, but I knew this is what I wanted to do and these patients needed my help” (Vansickle 2017). Nursing shortages are very crucial to the health care system. In an economic analysis of the nursing shortage, The Heritage Foundation says, “the new demand for medical services for the millions who are expected to enroll in Medicaid and the federal and state…

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  • STEM Labor Supply Shortage

    in STEM fields. Lindsay B. Lowell, research professor of the Institute for the Study of International Migration at Georgetown University, and Hal Salzman, professor of Public Policy at the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy and Senior Faculty Fellow at the John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development report, “The pool of graduates with an S&E degree exceeds the number of S&E job openings each year, even though employers may not be as successful as they would like in…

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  • Nurse Staffing Theory And Jean Watson's Nursing Theory

    Introduction Trying to find a theory that can be used and have been used to help with such great problem such as nurse shortage was a challenge. After studying and reading many of the theorist models, Jean Watson nursing model stood out the most. The nurse literature reveals when supporting nurse staffing, it can warrant a quality of care from the nurses for their patients (Douglas, K. 2011). This task for the hospital administrator all the way down to the nurse manager, has come a great…

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  • Solutions To Nursing Shortage

    that this nursing shortage will be more severe and have a longer duration than previously experienced, traditional strategies implemented by employers will have limited success. The aging nursing workforce, low unemployment, and the global nature of this shortage compound the usual factors that contribute to nursing shortages. For sustained change and assurance of an adequate supply of nurses, solutions must be developed in several areas: education, healthcare delivery systems, policy and…

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  • Current Nursing Shortage

    The shortage of health sciences professionals is most often associated with the demand for nursing staff. Nurses represent hospitals’ largest labor expense, amount to the single highest component to the hospital staff. Nurses are the primary providers of hospital patient care aside from the Physician's visits throughout the patient’s stay, from“Birth and death, and all other forms of care in between, are attended by nurses” (“Nursing World”, 2001). There are very few other health professions…

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  • Reasons For The Turnover Of Staff Nurses

    CHAPTER II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDIES The literature reviews present the different factors and reasons of rapid turn-over of staff nurses, which affects patient care. Turn-over of Staff Nurses Employee turnover is the rotation of workers around the labour market; between firms, jobs and occupations; and between the states of employment and unemployment (Abassi et al., 2000, as cited in Ongori, 2004). (Banaszak-Holl and Hines 1996, as cited in Antwi and Rowblis, 2016), the…

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