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  • Revenge Pornography Essay

    Despite this, some other states still lack effective laws. A senate committee looked into the issue earlier in the year and made many recommendations. The committee recommended that there should be a federal offence against revenge porn to protect all women no matter what state they live in Australia. Nicola Henry agreed with this recommendation in an online journal article and believes it will ensure more women are protected. “The majority of the 32 submissions made to the Senate inquiry support the criminalisation of revenge pornography” Ms Henry said. “As the Law Council of Australia explained, a federal criminal offence would offer a "uniform approach" across Australian states and territories. This is important "in the digital age where images can be distributed and accessed instantly in any jurisdiction". Despite a growing push to create effective criminal offences, Nicola believes the law won’t be able to solve the issue on its own. “While specific federal legislation criminalising revenge pornography is overdue; any new law should not be relied upon as the only mechanism for addressing these harmful behaviours”. She…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Australian Business

    the largest economies globally. Australia is among the wealthiest in the world, ranked as world 's 12th-largest economy. In 2012 Australia had the world 's fifth-highest per capita income, In an Australian Business prospective one of the most important points to be noted is on the countries Business culture i.e. knowing their manner of communication, management style etc. The other countries view Australians as relaxed outgoing and very friendly people. However, “G’day” (the informal “hello”) is…

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  • Australian Dollar

    dollar can affect the performance of the Australian economy? Exchange rates measure the relative value of a currency in exchange for a foreign currency. The exchange rate affects Australia’s economy most directly through changes in the demand for imports and exports. Australia’s adoption of a floating exchange rate in 1983 has had major implications on Australia’s relative international competiveness, terms of trade and the balance of payments. Over the past decade the Australian dollar has…

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  • Privatisation In Australia

    which are natural monopolies. I argue that there is little contemporary support in Australia for the privatisation of natural monopolies. If a government enterprise operating in a competitive market can be sold at the right price, however, and the sale accords with public opinion, then overall utility is enhanced and an indisputable political benefit has been…

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  • Starting A Business In Australia Case Study

    Are you interested in opening a business in Australia? Dear Entrepreneur, here is the information that you absolutely need to know prior to investing. I chose Australia because it has already set up common structures that an entrepreneur I could choose from when establishing a new business. These structures are breakdown into, sole, trader, partnerships, trusts and companies/corporations. This will help to carefully consider what my business needs are and what will suit me as an entrepreneur in…

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  • Zie Tel Case Study

    To expand the business in the regional areas so that the market share increase by at least 7.5%. From the information given about Zie Tel Logistic, you can attest to the fact that Zie Tel Logistics is almost in all areas of the Australian market. We cannot fail to rule out the fact that too much expansion has adverse effect especially companies that are not well financed. There are changes Zie Tel need to implements to achieve organizational goals. Hence, rapid growth also brings its own…

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  • Abolishment Of Penalty Rates

    The primary motivation behind having a job is to earn an income to sustain ones place within a society. Set wages and salaries are paid to workers, which are agreed upon between the employee and the employer. Along with arranged wages, excluding salaries, penalty rates are paid to employees when they work at an irregular time, i.e. late night, early morning, and weekends. These penalty rates are used as and are incentives to workers to influence them to continue operating the business outside of…

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  • Australia Holiday

    Australia is a large and relatively dry continent located on the Oceania, which is a continent between the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific Ocean. It is also the flattest continent on Earth with an average elevation of 985 feet; this is one of the primary reasons that the annual rainfall is thinly dispersed and scattered – approximately 16.5 inches. On top of that, 40% of the surface gets less than 10 inches per year, with annual evaporation exceeding annual rainfall on more than three fourth…

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  • Australia Future Superpower

    Australia: A Future Superpower The smallest continent halfway across the world from its political allies is setting its place in the world. Through its strong economy and military position Australia is an ever growing superpower. Australia 's diverse environment provides a wide variety of resources that protect them from foreign dependence. The 6th largest country in the world has an economic growth of 3% annually. Australia is a primary member of the leading military alliance on the…

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  • The Economic Impact Of Migration On The Australian Economy

    My topic is about how the immigration impact with the Australian economy. Immigration has a transformational effect on Australia. We rightly celebrate the social and cultural contributions of multiple generations of migrants. However for too long, the economic contribution of migration to Australia has been devalued. Claims migrants steal jobs or undermine the labour market blur the public perception. Of course these claims are based on a premise that does not hold up. An economy is dynamic. In…

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