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  • Non-European Immigration

    Non European immigration to Australia has rapidly developed the diversity of Australian society since the removal of the white Australia policy by the 1970s. The evidence lies in the multicultural values and ethics surrounding every facet of society, including politics, employment and education. Non-European immigration has had an extremely positive impact on the dynamics of society and international relations, through the introduction of cultural influences and skills to the professional…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Torres Strait Islanders

    Torres Strait Islands are located between Australia and Papua New Guinea. There have been Torres Strait Islanders as one of the Australian Indigenous group. As another Australian Indigenous group, Aborigines, had been invaded and colonised their land, culture, and life from the eighteenth century, Torres Strait people also had similar, but different experiences through the history. For example, while Aboriginal people’s land settled by the British convicts from the 1788 of the First Fleet,…

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  • Nauru Case Study

    makes cleaning products. Smell Good Solutions should manufacture in Nauru because the country is rich in phosphates, a mineral commonly found in cleaning products, fosters a large unemployed population, and the country has direct relationships with Australia, which is important for trade. To start off, cleaning products are made from phosphates, therefore the company will need to mine the minerals. That would not be a problem in Nauru since it is rich in phosphates. For this to happened, Smell…

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  • International Trade And Absolute Advantage

    countries; Australia, USA, and Canada. Further presents on measures of economic growth, comparative and absolute advantage in international trade. Economic statistics of the country, and reasons why their economy varies, and effects of international trade on their economic strength. Finally, analyze products that give the countries absolute and comparative advantage as well as factors that might prevent achievement of the two states. Economic, Political, and Cultural development Australia…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Single-Parent Families

    Australian families face solidarity and Division: Numbers of sole parent households are increasing, with predictions of a 65% increase within Australia by 2036. Although financial assistance is provided by the welfare system, families continue to experience financial hardship. Recent statistics suggests, that sole parent families are at the highest risk of experiencing disadvantage. Why are so many Australian sole parent families living so close to or below the calculated poverty line?…

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  • Positive Impacts Of Migration To Australia

    Positive impacts include: o The expansion of regional business, investment links and add labour jobs due to the new skills offered by the migrants entering Australia. o Migrants bring new skills to the country such as the ability to speak foreign languages. These new skills can help boost communication between other countries and help people develop skills for working internationally. o Economic relations have been strengthened due to the addition of migration sources. o Migration raises…

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  • Origin Of Mateship In Australia

    Interestingly, the convict origins of mateship perhaps explain some of the political maneuvers it later developed. The celebration of mateship is no more promoted than the various unionists and movements around Australia, in the past and indeed the present. Mateship can be seen to be used in the Union movements against government and business’ trying to weaken their authority, an idea of which draws many parallels to the convicts that suffered but banded together under the strain of authorities…

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  • What Five Skills Did Captain Cook Have?

    VU21481 Nuanprang SAELUEA GEC00000BS Task 1 1. Tahiti 2. Give three reasons why it was difficult to look for the “Great Southern Land” (Australia) - The sea so dangerous - The wind always blows to direction. - Is long way to travel maybe not enough for food and drink. 3. Give four reasons why people wanted to find the “Great Southern Land”(Australia) 1)make a lot of money from trade 2)make a lot of money from gathering natural resources 3)England was very interested in setting up a naval base…

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  • Chinese Immigration: Modern Day Australia

    Chinese Immigration-Report INTRODUCTION Modern Day Australia has become a vast multicultural society complete with people of diverse ethnic backgrounds. This aspect has developed over a time period of immigration to the great extent that people of different cultures can now call Australia their home. Immigrants in the past years have become a crucial part of Australia as they have benefited the community by assisting and introducing the development of an inclusive and accepting nation. GOLD…

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  • The Importance Of Asylum Seekers In Australia

    that had fled their home country in fear of persecution. In 2011 there were a total of 1,669,725 asylum applications received worldwide, yet only 0.92% of those were made to Australia (Healey 2013). Despite being a signatory to the 1951 Refugee Convention, Australia has some of the toughest immigration policies worldwide. Australia, for example, is the only western country to place asylum seekers in mandatory detention instead of allowing them to live in the community while their claims are…

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