Impact Of World Migration And The Global Economy

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World Migrations and The Global Economy
As the world evolves and countries change, there is a constant ebb and flow of people throughout the globe. Safety, opportunity, and economic growth play major rolls in where people are willing and able to live. As we consider the burden of immigration on a country, we must also consider the value of diversity.
The understanding that more people mean fewer jobs is similar thinking to adding an extra trailer to a big-rig truck. The driver might be initially uneasy with the extra load they have to carry but would come to realize that they have a far greater capacity to carry more goods and increase profits. Referencing supply side economics, we see that “real output of an economy is determined in the medium term by the supply
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Earlier laws regarding strict policy on immigration were relaxed as the large influx in population began to be a valued part of society (Economy and People). The farming industry had taken off and as the amount of hands from the fields to the stores was forced to grow, immigrants quickly became a vital link in that chain. Similar growth in manufacturing in the US and in Canada also needed a strengthened workforce. We can see in the natural world, animals seek the most abundant source of food and we can follow those same trends as people seek the best lives in the most productive and safest places. This growth seems to cause worry because if animals come and deplete a fertile food source, their will be no more food. Following that trend to a healthy ecosystem, we can see that more animals do eat more food but they also spread the seeds of plants, create fertile soil and grow that plot of land in ways it couldn’t have without their help. Countries have very similar trends. When Australia lifted its laws regarding immigration they saw increased GDP growth (The Changing Face of Modern

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