Mongrel America Analysis

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Have you ever thought about America as a diverse country? Being diverse is a state where there are numerous different being blending together into a single being. The topic diversity can be discussed through the vastness of ways by different people. In David Brooks’ essay, “People Like Us,” he mentions that America is not a diverse nation, but it’s a land that has various segments of people such as politics or race. So, he provides some solution to the problem of lacking diversity in the US. By looking at another point of view on diversity; Gregory Rodriguez comments in his essay “Mongrel America” that America is already diverse enough through numerous intermixing between different races. A lot of people moved into the U.S. and intermixed with …show more content…
are not the Native Americans. Most of the people are originally from England or Europe. Native Americans were not white; they looked more like Asian than white people. Therefore, American people were already diverse before the country was filled with other Asian people, African Americans and Hispanic people as well. So definitely, America is racially diverse as well. Even in the essay of “Mongrel America,” Gregory Rodriguez claimed, “Latinos and Asians, the groups that have made up three-quarters of immigrants over the past forty years, have helped to create a climate in which ethnic or racial intermarriage is more accepted today than ever before” (88). Thus America is now getting more diverse racially compared to the past where racism and discrimination was an enormous issue within the nation. Consequently, the United States is a diverse country due to the increasing rate of international students, lots of imported products, and the immigrant people within the country. These are the reasons that made America into a diverse country and these are the causes that are still leading America to become a diverse country. So overall, the USA is advertising what diversity truly is to the world by showing how they freely accepts foreign merchandises including products, culture, brands, and even

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