The Importance Of Cultural Diversity Around The World

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With the rise of globalization, technology and advanced means of communication, the world is learning to deal with the challenges and opportunities associated with diversity. Specifically, cultural diversity has become an inescapable reality for individuals, groups and businesses that were previously isolated among like bunches. As an example, according to the United States Census Bureau, “the U.S. is projected to become a majority-minority nation for the first time in 2043. While the non-Hispanic white population will remain the largest single group, no group will make up a majority” (Bernstein, 2012). Countries around the world are seeing similar results in areas of cultural diversity such as religion, race and ethics. The following paper will define diversity and discuss some of the challenges and opportunities that are have arose as a result of cultural diversity spreading globally. Additionally, this paper will look at the significance of diversity as a fundamental principle of understanding life.
Diversity is generally looked at as characteristics that make individuals or a group different; these differences often include such areas as race, gender, age, religious beliefs and cultural background, which in the past was not seen on a global scale, mainly because many cultures were isolated. Specifically, cultural
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However, business, countries, societies, groups and individuals will need to embrace cultural diversity and understand that it is a fundamental part of life. As the world transitions from empires to nation states that are mutually dependent upon each for continued success, acceptance and understanding of cultural differences will be crucial the survival of the world. Isolated or remote countries will find themselves left behind as the world moves forward and embraces globalization and a more interconnected

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