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  • The Importance Of Asylum Seekers In Australia

    that had fled their home country in fear of persecution. In 2011 there were a total of 1,669,725 asylum applications received worldwide, yet only 0.92% of those were made to Australia (Healey 2013). Despite being a signatory to the 1951 Refugee Convention, Australia has some of the toughest immigration policies worldwide. Australia, for example, is the only western country to place asylum seekers in mandatory detention instead of allowing them to live in the community while their claims are…

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  • What Is The Role Of Refugees In Australia

    According to the research by the professor Hugo (2011), there are two main contributions of human’s entrants into Australia: the economical and the social. The human’s entrants into Australia impacts positively in the growth of the country as stated by Hugo’s research (2011). Despite of the fact that the refugee’s population is the lowest settler’s rates of all migrant’s categories, this population characterized…

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  • Are Refugees Affecting Social Cohesion In Australia?

    be investigating is among the very important issues we live in today, Refugees and Asylum Seekers. Throughout this investigation, we will explore Refugees as a whole, and why the debate on whether to let them in, is affecting social cohesion in Australia. Refugees coming from countries facing economical and conflict issues are sent to detention centres where they are “left 4 dead”. They’re held in detention centres for weeks on end awaiting entry into the country. Most of the children in the…

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  • Eddie Mabo Case Study

    nullius (no man’s land) (Reconciliation Australia, 2014). The British colonies thought that because they could not see established aboriginal people, farms and houses which were all characteristics of the life back home in England, which they believed that the Aborigines had no connection to land (Korff, 2015). Because of this British colonies took the land and called it their own without any acknowledgment of the true owners of the land (Reconciliation Australia, 2014) Mabo made a speech in…

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  • Vanuatu International Trade Case Study

    Trade Vanuatu is greatly dependent on its international trade due to its relatively undeveloped industry. The country’s economy is opening as imports are growing and exports (although there has been a strong decline due to the 2008 depression) are also generally on a growing path (see Graph 1). 9 Graph 1: Vanuatu imports and exports growth (in million €) 0 200 400 600 800 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Import ExportImports Imports total up to $242 million, commodities include…

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  • Why We Should Allow Asylum Seekers In Australia

    INTRODUCTION I believe we should allow Asylum seekers in to Australia, Asylum seekers are people who are seeking international protection. The United Nations estimates there are 42.5 million people displaced by conflict around the world. They flee their homes in search of asylum and refuge, away from persecution. But why do they flee? they flee because of religious persecution, others because of their race, gender, or ethnicity. Some flee because of their political stances, religious or…

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  • Possums Research Paper

    first introduced to New Zealand in year 1837 for trades for their fur, meat and leather. Their fur is used to make human necessities such as gloves, hats and clothes when combined with merino wool. The possums are an important native species in Australia. In New Zealand however, they have become a huge pest, destroying our native forests and trees including Pohutukawa, Rata, Kohekohe and Kamahi. The possums have a huge appetite, not only do they destroy our native forests; they also consume…

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  • Essay On Australian Flag

    Why would we fly it, parade it, wave it and wear it, if it didn’t serve its purpose? The Australian National Flag is a crucial figure in our Australian Identity, and therefore the change in its design is unnecessary. It is obvious that the cost of such a thing would implode on our national budget, lose symbolic denotations embedded in the current flag and change the way our country is perceived internationally. As a nation, we need to fight to keep the innate design of the Australian National…

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  • Australia Post-War Analysis

    White’s comments was seen in 1943 onwards, as “the necessities for cooperation” ceased to be so pressing with the turn of the tide of war in both Europe and the Pacific. Curtin’s government moved away from America and back to Britain once again. As Australia began to seem more secure, its government began to consider the shape of the post-war world and its associated challenges and started to see America as less of a partner in war than, in peace, potentially isolationist diplomatically and an…

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  • Syrian Refugees Case Study

    Appropriate Work for Syrian Refugees in Australia Aims The purpose of this proposed project is to explore ways to integrate Syrian refugees into the Australian workplace and find them qualification appropriate jobs. Our long-term aim is to have refugees able to utilise job agencies and independently find appropriate work based on their qualifications, as well as establish a more cost-effective and generalised intervention for all refugees, where Australia can gain skilled workers and cultural…

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