Rapidly Displaced Population Australia

The objective of this tutorial report is to analyze the Australian’s Humanitarian Program and what are the main policies for that population in the Australian context. Thus, particular, the report is focused on identifying the category of visas for the displaced population and, in the last part, discusses the contributions of the forcibly displaced population to the Australia society.

The forcibly displaced population in the Global International Migration context
Forced displaced population is a fundamental trend of the new global international migration scenario which has been related to the globalization. To the date, this issue is a major area of interest for researchers due to the growing trend of such population over
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For example, in most cases, the refugees had been first asylum seeker that had enter illegally to the country or under a visitor visa.

The data on the worldwide forcibly displaced population suggests the necessity for global institutions to address the social issue which is likely to be one of the main challenges in the context of the global international migration field. Also, hosting countries should be involved in this issue and provide humanitarian assistance programs for this population.
The Australian Humanitarian Program
The countries that host forced displaced have the responsibility to welcome this population and provide them humanitarian assistance. One evidence of hosting country is Australia which established the Special Humanitarian Program (SHP) in 1981.
To date, Australia has the Australian’s Humanitarian Program designed with the objective to protect asylum seekers and refugees. The SHP distinguishes two categories of population: the onshore population and the offshore
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The arrival of refugees can contribute to foster the economic growth of Australia (Hugo et al., 2011, pp. 42). For example, traits of refugee population such as the young age, the rise of childbirth and their geographical incorporation into the metropolitan areas as has been pointed by the researchers as one evidence of how they can adapt to the labor market and help to develop the economy of the country.
The research by the professor Hugo et al. (2011) suggests that forced displaced population incorporates successfully to the business industries. In particular, Hugo points out the facility for refugees to work in the set-up, incorporate to the labor market demand and establish economic connections in their home country (Hugo, 2011. pp. 38-55) which is beneficial for the country

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